148.8 billion man, 2-year lease, desperate Inter Milan ‘Please cut a little bit’

‘Can I shave it down a little?’

Inter Milan was put in a desperate situation. I have to rent it for another year, but I don’t think it will be worth the money. He is preparing to ‘beg’ from Chelsea. This is the story of Romelo Lukaku.

Lukaku showed off his rising skills by making Inter Milan the Serie A champion in the 2020-2021 season. Accordingly, Chelsea paid an astronomical transfer fee of 97.5 million pounds (approximately 148.8 billion won) to return Lukaku to the Premier League.

However, Lukaku could not adapt to Thomas Tuchel’s football at all, and left Chelsea again after one season. The destination is Inter Milan. it was a rental He originally signed a one-season loan deal, but soon extended his term to two years.

But Lukaku’s good days were nowhere to be found. Due to his injuries, he only made 4 starts and 4 substitute appearances in Serie A and Champions League in the first half.

He may have a turnaround for the rest of the season, but Inter Milan feel that Lukaku has not played at all given the rent they have paid. Inter Milan had signed a contract to pay an additional 3 million euros on top of the basic 8 million euros. 바카라

The problem is that this condition will not change in the next season. Accordingly, Italian media ‘Tutosport’ reported that Inter Milan were seeking a way to reduce rent by asking Chelsea. If Lukaku doesn’t find what he saw, an awkward airflow will circulate between the two teams.

Inter Milan are not in a financial position to sign a new big striker and will have to take Lukaku with them anyway. Chelsea have homework to recover at least a little bit of the huge money spent on Lukaku. Lukaku’s contract at Chelsea does not expire until 2026.

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