‘5 draws and 5 losses’ even after recruiting Kakitani from ‘National University of Japan’… J2 Tokushima baseball team “sorry” public apology

Japan’s J2 League Tokushima Bortis club issued a statement of apology as the sluggish draw continued with a record of 5 draws and 5 losses in 10 matches since the opening.

Tokushima is a team familiar to domestic fans as several Korean players, including Kim Gyeong-joong (Suwon) and Kim Jong-pil (Gyeongnam), have played for Tokushima. After working in J1, I was demoted to the second division in 2021, but last season, I took 8th place in J2.

Under coach Benat Laveen from Spain, Tokushima made great efforts this season by recruiting striker Yoichiro Kakitani from the Japanese national team.

But the results are disastrous. In 10 games since the opening, of course, they scored only 6 goals and conceded 16 goals. Kakitani only has 1 goal. In the last two games, they were completely defeated 0-2 (against Mito Holyhawk) and 0-4 (against V-Varen Nagasaki). It is the lowest among 22 teams.

Naturally, supporters’ voices of criticism are loud. The Tokushima club issued a statement and said, ‘Thank you for your enthusiastic support. J2 After 10 games, 5 draws and 5 losses, 22nd place. I sincerely apologize for causing great concern and frustration.” I will try to improve as quickly as possible and give you victory.” 토토사이트

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