A big leaguer who overcame the 3rd stage of colorectal cancer “The important thing is a heart that does not break” 

Houston Astros Trey Mancini (30), who came back after overcoming colon cancer, looked back on his difficult battle with the disease.

Japanese freelance announcer Natsuko Aoike introduced a conversation she had with Mancini this season in a column published on the online edition of ‘Tokyo Sports’ on the 12th. Mancini, who hit 35 home runs in 2019, was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer during spring training in 2020 and underwent chemotherapy throughout the year. He struggled with treatment because the cancer cells had metastasized.

Nevertheless, Mancini returned healthy last year and recorded 21 home runs, 71 RBIs, and 77 runs batting average of 0.255 in 147 games, and won the American League Comeback Award chosen 메이저사이트 by players. He also finished runner-up in the All-Star Home Run Derby in July. This year, he was traded from Baltimore to Houston during the season and enjoyed winning the World Series. The season record was 143 games, 18 homers, 63 RBIs, 56 runs batting average of 0.239.

Mancini told announcer Natsuko, “I don’t want to eat anything sprinkled with truffles again. Just smelling it makes me uncomfortable. And peanut butter and honey are good to eat separately, but eating them together in a tortilla is really disgusting. I can never eat,” he said, revealing his difficult diet.

“When receiving treatment, you should not look for patient statistical data. Treatment is evolving more than past data. In reality, many people survive, but the data can have a negative impact on me. And I said, ‘I can’t believe it at my age’. You need to get regular health checkups more than you think,” he advised.

Mancini said, “The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where I was treated, has a mentoring system, so meeting someone who has experienced cancer was a great help. I also want to help someone. Cancer is a depressing thing, like walking through a tunnel with no exit. What can you do to fight the disease?” The more important thing is not to lose heart,” he sent a message to cancer patients.

Meanwhile, Mancini married girlfriend Sarah Perlman on the 11th. Sara is said to have helped Mancini overcome colon cancer by living with Mancini after he was diagnosed with colon cancer in March 2020, the fourth month of their relationship.

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