‘A fresh start as a coach’ Pusan ​​National University coach Kwak Joo-young “I think I shivered more than the players”

“I shivered more.”

Pusan ​​National University won 73-59 in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League Dankook University match held at Pusan ​​National University Gyeongam Gymnasium on the 16th.

On this day, I was able to see a familiar face on the bench at Pusan ​​National University. Kwak Joo-young, who announced his retirement at the end of last season, is the main character. Kwak Joo-young is currently making a name for himself as a coach at Pusan ​​National University and helping his juniors grow.

Coach Kwak Joo-young said, “I am attending graduate school at Pusan ​​National University and doing a doctoral course. When I told the professor that I would not play as an athlete for the last time at the Sacheon City Hall last year, he suggested that I teach juniors since I am pursuing my degree at Pusan ​​National University. I think I came in because I thought it would be nice to be able to help the players,” he explained the process of becoming a coach. 스포츠토토

In the match, which was Coach Kwak’s first match, Pusan ​​National University won by 14 points. However, Pusan ​​National University was in a crisis by conceding 16 points in a row at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Coach Kwak said, “In the 4th quarter, the flow went a lot. However, at the end, Coach Park Hyeon-eun pointed out the points well and explained to the players, and the players seemed to follow suit. I think I passed the hurdle well.” did.

How do you feel after completing your first game as a coach?

Coach Kwak smiled, saying, “I was only working as a player, but watching my juniors play from the bench, I was rather nervous. Still, I think the players did a lot better than I thought for their first game.”

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