A new challenge in Jeju, Hayes “Advancing to the ACL, personal goal is the top scorer”

“Personally, my goal is to become the top scorer.”

Hayes (30), who started a new home at Jeju United, gave strength to his voice. For Hays, 2023 is a time of challenge. Hays, who debuted in the K-League wearing a uniform from Gwangju FC in 2021, moved to Jeju ahead of the new season.

Hayes, who is undergoing winter training in Chiang Mai, Thailand as a member of Jeju, said, “Jeju is one of the big clubs in the K-League. I thought it was a good team. Before joining Jeju, I had other opportunities. I chose this team after seeing the project, vision, and direction shown to me at a club called Jeju. I get along well with the current players. I am trying to adapt to the team. I am achieving the team’s goals, not just my personal goals. We are doing our best to do it,” he said.

In fact, Hays is melting into Jeju very quickly. He celebrated his birthday during winter training. Hayes was warmly congratulated by his colleagues. He laughed, saying, “I’ve never spent a birthday with my family before. It was during the season or during training. I never spent it with my family, but this time I spent it with my teammates. They congratulated me. It was a good experience.”

Hays’ resolution for the new season is solid. This is because he took the opportunity to properly show his true value on the K-League 1 stage. He left some regrets on the 2021 K League 1 stage. He recorded 4 goals-5 assists in 30 games.

He said, “When I first experienced the K-League 1 stage, my goal was to remain and perform well. Last year, my goal was to get 온라인바카라 promoted from the K-League 2 (second division) stage to K-League 1. Last year, I achieved my goal. To be honest, I have a goal to advance to the Asian Champions League (ACL) and to win the championship. Personally, my goal is to become the top scorer. Just as I did in Gwangju, a good player in Jeju can imprint the name Hayes on all fans. The goal is to become,” he said.

“Coach Ki-il Nam gives me autonomy when I attack. I hope I find confidence quickly and come out with my play, which the team values ​​most. I don’t score goals alone. I have to help my teammates, and I have to help my teammates as well. The team is one. I think I can score more goals when I become . The coach helps me to develop to the next level through meetings. I will do my best to overcome my limits. It is true that I want to be the top scorer, and I am in Gwangju. I will work hard to break the record I set. I will do my best in my position.”

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