Acuña Jr. looks to become MLB’s first 30-homer, 60-double player

“I don’t know if Ronald Acuña Jr. (26-Atlanta) has ever hit a better home run.”

That’s what Detroit pitcher Michael Lorenzen, 31, said after being hit by Aquino Jr.’s one-run home run in the top of the third inning of the second game of a back-to-back Major League Baseball (MLB) series at Comerica Park on Friday. Acuña Jr.’s home run split the field in two and traveled 125.6 meters over second base before hitting the ivy-covered outfield fence and crashing to the ground.

Acuña Jr. added two home runs and a stolen base on the day, leading the team to a 10-7 and 6-5 doubleheader sweep. He now has 15 home runs and 29 stolen bases on the season. He’s mathematically on pace to hit 36 home runs and steal 69 bases in a season. No player in MLB history has ever hit 30 homers and stolen 60 bases at the same time. 토토사이트

The key is health. Acuña Jr. was on pace to become just the fifth player in MLB history to join the 40-homer, 40-double club in 2019, when he hit 41 homers and stole 37 bases. However, a hip injury kept him out of the final six games of the season. In 2021, he hit 24 home runs and 17 doubles in 82 games before tearing his anterior cruciate ligament and watching his team win the World Series from the dugout.

Of course, a healthy Acuña Jr. is a fan favorite. According to midterm All-Star voting results released by the MLB office on Wednesday, he leads both leagues with 1,063,537 total votes. The National League’s Acuña received more than 140,000 more votes than the American League’s top vote-getter, Shohei Ohtani (29-LA Angels – 924,182).

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