“Against the extension of the retirement age”… Massive strikes and protests across France

A general labor strike and massive protests broke out in France against the government’s pension reform, which would extend the retirement age and delay the age of pensioners.

A large number of citizens also visited the protest site and joined the workers.

This is reporter Kim Ji-soo.


Workers who reject the French government’s pension reform, saying ‘work longer to get more pension’, took to the streets.

On the 19th local time, strikes against pension reforms based on ‘extension of retirement age’ took place across France, including the capital Paris, and public transportation partially stopped and some schools were closed.

The eight major labor unions that opposed the extension of the retirement age from 62 to 64 built a united front in 12 years.

<Philippe Martinez / General Secretary of the CGT (Confederation of Trade Unions) of France> “Our goal is to withdraw the bill (on pension reform). This is the first step. Let’s see how the government reacts.”

The union opposes that extending the working period is harsh, even though other measures such as tax increases for the rich can be prepared. 카지노

<Sylvie Lebas / French Kindergarten Teacher> “I hope that the ‘extension of the retirement age’ will be withdrawn. This is unacceptable. It is impossible for the retirement age to be extended by two years.”

A number of citizens also took part in the protest.

However, the French government’s commitment to pension reform is firm.

In order to avoid a deficit in pensions in 2030, system reform is inevitable, but the policy is not to increase taxes.

President Macron, who is visiting Spain, emphasized that pension reform is a legitimate and responsible step.

Macron’s government is wary of the possibility of violence, such as the ‘yellow vest’ protests that began in late 2018 against a plan to raise fuel taxes.

On this day, 1.12 million people estimated by the government and 2 million people gathered by the labor union, some clashed with the police.

The labor world decided on a second strike on the 31st, and the government is considering taking action on the 23rd, when the pension reform bill is presented to the cabinet meeting.

This is reporter Kim Ji-soo.

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