Back to Saiyoung mode…battery breathing against a nasty opponent → 2 games without a loss

Blake Snell (San Diego) has been different. Two straight scoreless games after being paired with Gary Sanchez. In fact, the two players have a love-hate relationship. Sanchez is the player who has hit the most home runs against Snell.

Snell started the game against the Chicago Cubs at Petco Park in San Diego, California, on June 6 and pitched six scoreless innings to pick up the win. It was his second straight no-hitter, following a no-hitter against Miami on April 1. For the first time since his arrival in San Diego, he pitched at least six innings in back-to-back games without allowing an earned run. It was a great outing for the right-hander and Sanchez.

In the last 10 games, Snell has paired with Austin Nola five times and Brett Sullivan five times. His ERA with Nola was 7.36, while his ERA with Sullivan was a different story, at 3.21. Sanchez led a two-game shutout streak that sent Snell into “Cy Young mode.

“I’ve heard a lot about Sanchez being an aggressive reliever, and I love him,” Snell said after the sixth game, adding, “I could put a 97-mile-per-hour fastball on the ground and he’d stop it. If I put a curveball on the ground, he stopped it. No problem. I trust Sanchez. He’s a smart player,” he said, praising his new partner.

Sanchez broke out as an offensive catcher in 2016, hitting 20 home runs in just 53 games. The following year, he hit 33 home runs as the Yankees’ starting catcher. However, he was not well-regarded for his defense or his ability to run the game. In 2020, he hit 10 home runs in 49 games, but his offense lost its appeal as his batting average dropped to .147. The Yankees gave up on Sanchez. They traded him to Minnesota.

After Minnesota last year, he signed a minor league deal with the Mets this year, hoping for a big league comeback, but after going 1-for-6 in three games, he was designated for assignment (DFA). San Diego, in need of a catcher due to Nola’s struggles and Luis Camposano’s injury, gave Sanchez another chance.

In the six games Sanchez started, San Diego went 4-2. Manager Bob Melvin said, “He was an All-Star. He’s been to the playoffs consistently. He’s hit 30 home runs. He’s got a track record. I think the atmosphere in our clubhouse helped him fit in quickly,” Melvin said of Sanchez.

메이저사이트 The player who might have welcomed Sanchez the most was Snell. Snell gave up five home runs to the Yankees catcher during his time in Tampa Bay. Sanchez is the player Snell has given up the most home runs to. “Knowing how well he hits my pitches, I thought we’d have good chemistry, and it’s comforting that he doesn’t hit my pitches,” Snell laughed.

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