Barcelona beat Sevilla 3-0 at home… 8 points difference with Real Madrid ‘Leader’

Barcelona are at the top of the league. They beat Real Madrid by 8 points.

Barcelona perfectly defeated Sevilla 3-0 in the 20th round of the 2022-23 season Spanish Primera Liga held at Camp Nou, Barcelona on the 6th at 5 am (Korean time). They solidified their first place by beating second-place Real Madrid by eight points.

Barcelona activated Gaby, Lewandowski and Rafinha three-top. Frankie De Jong, Busquets, and Pedri were placed in midfield, and Alba, Christensen, Arauho, and Kunde played in the back four. The goalkeeper’s gloves were worn by Ter Stegen.

Sevilla’s En Nesiri was aiming for Barcelona’s net. Gueye and Torres played from the flanks, while Jordan and Rakitic coordinated offense and defense from the waist. Acuña and Montiel were the wingbacks, and Reckik, Gudelli, and Badega were the three backs. The goal was guarded by Bunu.

Barcelona dominated the game, but the first half was pretty tight. In the 8th minute of the first half, Busquets came in and Kecie was put in. Lewandowski looked for a chance inside the box but failed to score and Sevilla were booked for a foul by Rakitic.

The first goal was Barcelona. The main character was Alba in the 13th minute of the second half. Barcelona maintained high possession of the ball, and Alba roared as she calmly finished the ball, which Kessie pushed sensibly. It was a scene where Barcelona’s unique pass play stood out. 카지노

Barcelona raised their decision power after scoring. In the 20th minute of the second half, Gaby shook the Sevilla net. Rafinha pushed a sharp pass into the box, and Gabi, rushing in from the other side, finished it cleanly. It was a decisive moment that poured cold water on the will to pursue Seville.

Rafinha, who contributed one assist, completed the goal in the 33rd minute of the second half. He positioned himself in the box from the wide, aiming to score and finishing with an accurate shot. In the extra time of the second half, Lewandowski shook the Sevilla defense and tried to score, but it was futile. The match ended with Barcelona winning.

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