“Because I’m still holding the bow” Oh Yoo-hyun, the eldest member of the women’s archery compound ‘Ottoman’

“I kept thinking, ‘I’m still holding the bow,’ and I kept going.”

South Korean women’s compound archer Oh Yoo-hyun (34, Jeonbuk-do) is a “big girl”. She started out as a recurve archer and competed on the unemployment team. Injuries set her back. He was on the verge of retirement, but he gritted his teeth and persevered. In 2016, she switched to compound and is now the ‘eldest sister’ of the compound team, aiming to win her first Asian Games gold medal.

In a recent interview with Sports Chosun, Oh said, “I’ve been doing archery since elementary school. I played recurve in elementary, middle and high school, and even the unemployment team. When I was 26, I thought about retiring due to a shoulder injury. At that time, a coach recommended compound, so I started compound late. I’ve been wearing the Taekwondo mark for about three years. I’m the oldest in the team, but I don’t have a lot of experience. I’m trying a lot to get along with my teammates. We’re all working towards the same goal. We seem to be a tight-knit group. We’re looking out for each other,” she laughed.

His experience with the compound team may be short, but his life story is as solid as ever. “Throughout my career, there were times when I was happy to perform well, and then there were times when I hit a slump and it was hard. “It’s a cycle, and I’ve been through a lot of those ups and downs, and I’ve just kept going, thinking, ‘This is a phase in my archery life. I just kept thinking, ‘I’m still holding the bow, my goal is not over. Mental management is really hard, especially with compound because it’s cumulative and you can’t afford to make mistakes. I tend to get nervous, but I tell myself ‘don’t think about the other guy’ and try to do my own thing,” he said.

He is also a playing coach for the Jeonbuk Provincial Team. “When I played as a player, I only played from the front line. I didn’t know what was behind me. Now, I stand in the front line and coach someone from behind. I realize what I missed from the front line. I feel like I have a broader perspective. I have a better understanding of what the coaches are telling me.”

Heading into her first Asian Games, Oh Yoo-hyun is on an upward curve. She recently won the individual title in the compound women’s event at the Hyundai Motor Company Jeong Mong Goobae Korea Archery Championships 2023. “After being selected for the national team this year, I realized that my schedule would be tight, so I’ve been working on my physical fitness. I went to physical therapy to manage my shoulder condition. I’ve also been managing my physical fitness through weight training.”

“I have to do the Asian Games, I have to do it. I want to do well. I feel like I’ve been preparing for the Asian Games since last year. Not just me, but all my teammates have been working hard and sweating to win the entire title. This year, India has been on a roll as they have been performing well in international events. But our players are just as good, if not better. We are confident that we can rely on each other, not just against India, but against anyone. We will reward our hard work with a good result 온라인카지노.”

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