BLG showed determination…but JDG endured well, winning 2 sets

Jingdong Gaming also won the 2nd set match between Jingdong Gaming and Bilibili Gaming at the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational Bracket Stage held at Copper Box Arena in London on the 14th. Biribili Gaming opened the way with a decisive battle, but Jingdong Gaming, who endured well, finished the match without missing the opponent’s mistake.

Jingdong Gaming Bottom scored first in the second set following the first set. The Jingdong Gaming bottom duo won the battle by catching the opponent’s support in a level 2 battle. In the aftermath of this battle, Alistair, a supporter of Biribili Gaming, was unable to level 6 in the battle of the messenger of the gorge, and with that snowball, Jingdong Gaming won the battle of the messenger.

When there were signs that the flow of the first set was about to repeat, Biri Biri Gaming overcame it by opening a battle more boldly. Biribili Gaming used jungler Bai’s confirmed ultimate, and the entire team jumped into ‘Ruler’ and won the dragon battle by catching the opponent. Thanks to this battle, Biri Biri Gaming got a chance to change the tide.

The second decision of Biri Biri Gaming came out. Opponents gathered in the center to push the mid-tier 1 tower, and Biribili Gaming opened the battle by teleporting behind the opponent’s camp. ‘Ruler’, who was caught behind by Fiora and had no choice but to use Blink, had a Delos in a teamfight, and Bilibili Gaming took the Baron buff with a teamfight win.

Biribili Gaming widened the gold gap by side-operating with Fiora. However, it was not easy to fight head-on, so time was dragged on by Jingdong Gaming. An accident happened to the uneasy Biri Biri Gaming. ‘Elk’, who held a somewhat risky position throughout the game, was caught by Jingdong Gaming and blinked. Jingdong Gaming did not miss this and opened a team fight using Baron, and won big. The end of the difficult game was ‘Ruler’. ‘Ruler’ scored a triple kill in the last teamfight and ended the long game with victory 메이저사이트.

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