Clubs react to KBL’s follow-up on Day One Sports scandal: “KBL needs to show more responsibility”

Some men’s professional basketball clubs have taken issue with the KBL’s measures against Day One Sports.

The KBL held an extraordinary general meeting and board of directors on the 16th of last month to expel Day One Sports as a member organization and announced follow-up measures. The KBL TF team is looking for a buyer to maintain the 10-team system. In the event of failure, the nine existing clubs will rescue 18 players from Day One Sports through a special draft. It was also decided that the KBL will pay the June and July salaries of Day One Sports players first, then the parent organization if the 10-team system is maintained, and the clubs that selected the players through the draft if the system is reduced to nine clubs.

This decision has been criticized by some clubs as a one-way street by the KBL. They say the KBL’s failure to properly vet the team’s acquisition and approval process is partly to blame for the Day One Sports debacle, but it’s not actually responsible. One team has formally requested that the next board meeting be held to discuss measures to deal with Day One Sports. Other clubs have expressed similar sentiments.

“I don’t disagree with the idea of rescuing the players, but the KBL should also show a responsible attitude. Why should the clubs bear all the burden every time?” said an official from Team A. A representative from a B team said, “Everyone wins in the short term, but there are repercussions after the season is over. Other players on our team may have to leave. The KBL should have communicated with the clubs and come up with a final plan.” A representative from Team C said, “Bailing out players temporarily creates a financial burden. It’s one season, but it’s easier said than done to increase the club’s finances. The KBL is the most responsible for the Day One situation. We shouldn’t leave everything to the clubs.”

메이저놀이터순위 A KBL official responded, “It was decided at the extraordinary general meeting and the board of directors. The clubs protested, but the heads of nine clubs attended the board meeting.” “It shows that the opinions of the general managers and the heads of the clubs are not coordinated. It’s incomprehensible.” He shook his head. The KBL has no plans to revisit the issues decided at the June extraordinary general meeting and board meeting.

KBL officials aren’t entirely wrong, but the process was flawed. Normally, meeting materials related to the extraordinary general meeting and board of directors are shared with each director in advance. Beforehand, a meeting of the secretary general is held to review them. However, this process was omitted in the case of the extraordinary general meeting and board meeting related to Day One Sports. The KBL explained that it was not possible to share the information in advance due to the sensitivity of the matter.

The special draft decided by the KBL is tentatively scheduled to be held on the 21st of this month. Before then, the decision to keep the 10-team system is expected to be finalized. In the meantime, clubs are pushing back. We wonder if the KBL will continue with its existing policy or come up with additional measures to accommodate different opinions.

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