Coach Park Choong-gyun, “It was a complete defeat… The U-22 player selection was defeated”

Seoul E-Land was defeated 0-2 by Chungnam Asan in the 7th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex at 4:00 pm on the 15th.

Seoul E-Land started with Moon Jeong-in, Hwang Tae-hyeon, Lee Jae-ik, Kim Min-gyu, Seo Bo-min, Kwak Seong-wook, Lee Sang-min, Kim Jeong-hwan, Lee Si-heon, Park Joon-young, and Yu Jeong-wan. Joo Hyun-seong, Cha Seung-hyun, Hwang Jung-wook, Kim Won-sik, Bruno, Byun Byun, and Ho-nan were listed on the bench list. 온라인카지노

Seoul E-Land, which had been pushed back from the start of the game, conceded an early goal to Jang Jun-young. By putting Byun Byun and Bruno in turn, the attack was strengthened, but a penalty kick (PK) was awarded due to a handball foul by Kim Min-gyu. Kim Kang-guk succeeded and was drawn 0-2. Honan was added to strengthen the front line, but it did not create a chance. In the end, they lost 0-2 and bowed their heads.

At the post-game press conference, coach Park Choong-gyun said, “I thought the first goal was important. While I conceded the first goal, it didn’t work out as planned. I had a lot of worries about the under-22 (U-22). Byung-jun Byun had a physical problem, so I sent Park Joon-young. As a result, So I think that was a wrong decision. It was a complete loss. If we hadn’t conceded the second goal, we would have been able to catch up, but it was regretful.

It could be interpreted as meaning that Park Joon-young was sorry. Coach Choong-gyun Park said, “Not all players can play well. It has been a long time since I played, so I couldn’t keep up with the tempo. You will feel it,” he said.

At a pre-press conference, coach Park Choong-gyun said, “We have to win the second ball fight.” “I coped well, but it was difficult in the fight for air supremacy. It would have been different if I had scored the first goal. It was the opposite and consumed a lot of stamina. The players had a hard time in that part,” he emphasized that the intended part was not worked out properly.

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