‘Conte hard shocking secret revealed’… No hardship, Levy wanted Conte to ‘stay’

A shocking secret story about former Tottenham manager Antonio Conte’s resignation has been revealed.

Coach Conte made controversial remarks after a 3-3 draw with Southampton on March 19 in the 28th round of the English Premier League (EPL).

“The Tottenham players are used to the current situation. They don’t want to play for something important, under pressure. They don’t want to be stressed. They want to take the easy way. What are they fighting for with this kind of mentality, attitude and dedication? Selfish.” I see the players. I’m really angry.”

Conte also criticized Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy, saying, “I had the same owner for 20 years, but why didn’t I get anything? Is it only the fault of the club or all the managers who have been here? Everyone should take responsibility together.”

The aftermath was great. Many took issue with the public criticism of the players, and raised their voices that Tottenham should be held accountable for publicly denying the club’s philosophy and direction. Eventually, Tottenham officially announced their parting ways with manager Conte on March 27.

Then, criticism towards Chairman Levy was strong. This is because he was convinced that Levy had sacked manager Conte. While he hardened the director as if he were eating rice, he said in a voice that he was not responsible. However, Levy did not sack Conte. In reality, it turned out that Conte went out on his own. 토토사이트

Conte had a contract with Tottenham until this season. Levy wanted to fulfill the terms of Conte’s contract. So, even after the controversy over Conte’s remarks, President Levy wanted Conte to remain. But Conte has left. It can be interpreted that he exploded himself, spurred himself and went out.

This secret story was revealed by the UK’s ‘The Sun’.

The media said, “Chairman Levy was eager for Conte to stay. Chairman Levy was about to part with Conte at the end of his contract this season. Conte was not preparing for his departure midway through the season. It was because I was convinced that if I left, Tottenham could collapse greatly.”

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