“Dad, Chelsea legend!!” → John Terry, ’17-year-old twin children’ birthday, ‘billion won’ Mercedes-Benz gift

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England and Chelsea legend John Terry draws attention by buying a luxury car worth 100 million won as a birthday present for his children.

British media ‘Daily Star’ reported on the 20th (Korean time) that “former Chelsea captain John Terry gave his children a Mercedes-Benz as a gift for their 17th birthday.”

England and Chelsea legend defender Terry has one son and one daughter. Terry’s children, George and Summer Terry, are twins.

The twins, born in 2006, celebrated their 17th birthday. Terry prepared a special birthday present to celebrate her children’s precious birthday, which comes only once a year.

Terry first prepared a birthday cake and lights with the number ’17’ in the house to celebrate his 17th birthday.

The gifts didn’t stop there. In the yard of Terry’s house, there were two Mercedes-Benzes for the two children to ride in the future.

According to the media, the price of one car purchased by Terry is £41,000 (about 68 million won). I bought two, so I spent 82,000 pounds (about 136 million won) on a child’s birthday present.

Even though he spent a lot of money, Terry didn’t mind at all. Terri tweeted her congratulations on Instagram, saying, “We hope you guys have an amazing day. Mom and I wish you all the happiest and most successful in the world 메이저사이트.”

She added, “We are so proud of the two of you. We love you guys too. We love you so much,” she added.

Terry was a legend who played 715 games for Chelsea alone during his active career and was a captain who will remain in the history of the club. He is also ranked 16th in the most appearances of all time, having played 492 matches in his career in the Premier League as well.

Excluding the loan period, Terry, who played 19 years in Chelsea alone, lifted 17 championships during this period, including five Premier League titles and one UEFA Champions League title.

Thanks to the performance of world-class defender Terry, Chelsea has grown into the best club in Europe representing the upper Premier League in name and reality.

After retiring from active duty in 2018, Terry is now living a second life as a leader.

Terry, who took over as head coach of Aston Villa shortly after his retirement, assisted manager Dean Smith and succeeded in promoting Villa from the second division to the Premier League in the 2018/19 season.

Terry, who stepped down as Villa’s assistant coach over time, joined the Leicester coaching team following manager Smith, who took over as Leicester City manager in April.

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