Does the salary raise the PIT hand? “Choi Ji-man’s annual salary is quite important” US media

Pittsburgh Pirates’ Choi Ji-man is confirmed to be in a somewhat unfavorable position in the annual salary adjustment referee scheduled in the middle of this month following his failure to participate in the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

Choi Ji-man and Pittsburgh failed to agree on a contract on the 14th of last month (hereafter Korean time), which was the date of the salary adjustment application, and will fight for a conclusion at the salary adjustment hearing on the 16th.

Pittsburgh is considered one of the most frequent referees for salary adjustments in the major leagues. If a contract is not reached with a player eligible for salary adjustment, the negotiations are immediately stopped and a mediation hearing is prepared. Choi Ji-man is the only player in Pittsburgh to face a salary adjustment hearing. The club submitted $4.65 million and Choi Ji-man $5.4 million to the Mediation Committee.

According to the salary forecasting system devised by Matt Swartz of the Major League Trade Rumors (MLBTR), Choi Ji-man’s annual salary for this year comes out to be 4.5 million dollars. The amount offered by the Pittsburgh club is rather high. Choi Ji-man’s annual salary from the Tampa Bay Rays last year was $3.2 million.

In this regard, local media ‘Pittsburgh Baseball Now’ said on the 8th, ‘Unless an unexpected agreement is reached at the last minute, Pittsburgh must attend an annual salary adjustment hearing with Choi Ji-man.’ I choose one of the $4.65 million offered, and given Pittsburgh’s current payroll, it’s a significant amount, if not financially excessive,’ he said.

Another media’Bugs Dugout’ reported that’Pittsburgh’s proposed amount is slightly higher than a reasonable salary for him in 2023. However, Choi Ji-man did not accept it,’ he said, ‘keep in mind that he received $3.2 million from Tampa Bay last year.’ 카지노사이트 It is the nuance that the club’s proposed amount is reasonable.

Choi Ji-man participated in 113 games last year and recorded a batting average of 0.233 (83 hits in 356 at-bats), 11 home runs, 52 RBIs, OPS of 0.729, and bWAR of 1.2. Choi Ji-man received $3.2 million last year after posting a batting average of 0.229 (59 hits in 258 at-bats), 11 homers, 45 RBIs, OPS 0.758, and bWAR 0.9 in 83 games in 2021. Earlier, in 2021, he won the salary adjustment judge and received the $ 2.45 million he requested.

As of the 8th, the salary adjustment referee score this year is 2-2 between the club and the player. Team wins are Atlanta Braves Max Fried ($13.5 million, player $15 million), Seattle Mariners Diego Castillo ($2.95 million, Suns $3.225 million), and player victory is Miami Marlins Jesus Luzar ($2.45 million, club 210) $10,000) and Luis Araez ($6.1 million, club $5 million).

The MLBTR prediction system predicted $12.2 million for Freed, $2.9 million for Castillo, $2 million for Luzardo, and $5 million for Araez, respectively. As a result, all four earn salaries above MLBTR projections.

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