Eom Yoon-hyeok, Myongji University’s goalkeeper, also throws a 3-point shot

 “I practice shooting a lot. I also gained confidence.”

Myongji University visits Jeju Island twice this year. To take a break during the Lunar New Year holidays. During January, while undergoing strong physical training, they also practice matches with high school teams.

Eom Yoon-hyeok (195cm, F), who is now in the 4th grade, said, “I try to do it without regrets without getting injured. He explained how he was digesting winter training, saying, “I do my best in running or what the coach wants, and I don’t get hurt because I want to get hurt, but I try to relieve my fatigue quickly because I run a lot without getting hurt.”

In addition, he added that he is concentrating on defense, saying, “Our team emphasizes defense a lot, and I have a lot of thoughts that I need to do better defense. 바카라

” There is also. He called me separately and told me about my confidence that I could not do well or that I could do well. I received strength because of that when I was not confident,” he said. That part was difficult. These days, I talk little by little through the coach.”

Eom Yun-hyeok looked back and said, “Based on the College Basketball League and the MBC National College Basketball Championship, there are only two 3-point attempts. He was a player who rarely tried, but he also threw a 3-pointer in a high school and practice game in Jeju Island this time.

Eom Yun-hyeok said, “I practice shooting a lot. He also gained confidence. At the end of last year’s league, the coach also told me to throw outside a little after the season, not to roll, and to look at the players’ shooting opportunities, so I do it with confidence.”

However, free throw accuracy is poor. In the college basketball league last year, he made 13 out of 23 free throws for a success rate of 56.5%. The 2-point shot success rate is lower than 60.0% (30/50).

When Um Yoon-hyeok mentioned that the free throw success rate was low, he said, “I don’t know exactly (the free throw success rate). I don’t want to pay attention to everything I see. I see things that need to be supplemented, but I see things to be supplemented when I see them, but it is better to practice again after feeling them than to see and remember them all,” he said.

Myongji University has a definite big man named Jun Harrigan. Nevertheless, during the winter training, Yun-hyeok Eom is given many opportunities to participate. Although he is short, he is reliable under the goal, actively participates in fast attacks, and scores easily. In addition, if he has the ability to shoot 3 points, it will be a great help to Myongji University.

Eom Yoon-hyuk said, “I want to show that I can play outside. There seems to be a lot of 3-point shooting and set shooting situations, so I am shooting moving shots along with it. There are times when he throws more on a 200-300 basis,” he said.

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