Heo Soo-bong, the pride of a native apothecary, “I will work hard so that the hyungs do not show vacancy”

“I think I have to work hard so that the hyungs’ vacancy is not visible.”

The Korean men’s volleyball team, led by coach Lim Do-heon, entered the Jincheon National Training Center on the 1st and started warming up for the 2023 AVC (Asian Volleyball Confederation) Challenger Cup to be held in Taiwan from July 8th to 15th.

This year’s AVC Challenger Cup is made up of younger players than last year’s international roster. And Heo Soo-bong, who was born in 1998 and was called the future of Korean volleyball early on, was also named.

Heo Soo-bong, who had a phone interview with this magazine on the 9th, said, “It feels good to be selected for the national team, and many young players have been selected, but I think I have to work hard so that the vacancy of my brothers is not visible.”

Heo Soo-bong also participated in the 2022 International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Volleyball Challenger Cup and the 2022 AVC Cup held last year with the Taegeuk mark. However, they finished 3rd in the Challenger Cup and 4th in the AVC Cup, showing disappointing results. Heo Soo-bong also looked back on last year and said, “I felt sorry for the Challenger Cup and also for the AVC Cup. The players put in a lot of effort with the mindset of trying to do it, but I think it was more disappointing because the results were not good.”

Heo Soo-bong continues to gain experience on the international stage. Heo Soo-bong said, “If you play against foreign players, you can see that they play differently from what they used to do in the V-League. He learns a lot while playing. Compared to us, their physique conditions and height are better, so we have to be careful and pay attention to everything.”

Heo Subong is a native apogee representing Korea. Im Dong-hyuk is mentioned along with Heo Soo-bong when it comes to the ‘national team apogee’. Heo Soo-bong and Lim Dong-hyuk were also listed on this list as well. “Donghyuk and I have different styles. I try to be fast and Donghyuk has good height and strength. Heo Soo-bong said, “Rather than competing with each other, it is better for a player who can be effective against the opponent to play.”

Heo Soo-bong, who took a break after the third round of the championship match in April, plans to spend a busy off-season schedule starting with the AVC Challenger Cup. The Hangzhou Asian Games, which will be held from September, is also a strong choice for Heo Soo-bong. The 2023-2024 season begins immediately after the Asian Games are over.

There is little time to rest between seasons, but Heo Soo-bong wants to improve his condition quickly rather than worry. “I had enough rest after the 2022-2023 season. Now I just think that I have to quickly build up my body and get good results in international competitions.”

He then said, “I hope I won’t get hurt in this tournament, and I want to win the FIVB Challenger Cup and get a lot of ranking points 카지노사이트.”

Finally, Heo Soo-bong concluded the interview by thanking the fans, saying, “Thank you for always cheering me on, and I will make sure the men’s national team can repay you with good results.”

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