How to get natural links for gambling (gaming) sites?

The world’s first gambling site appeared about 25 years ago. The main reason for the transfer of gambling from offline to online was the ban on the organization of gambling zones in many countries. The owners of such establishments were punished with a large fine with the closure of the business.

Nowadays it is difficult to surf the internet without seeing 스포츠토토 gambling-related ads and banners, big jackpots, etc. But how well such promos work? Which way is the best in terms of gambling promotion?

In this article, we will tell you about the main difficulties of link building for gambling sites and how to get to the top of search engine results using crowd marketing.

Features Of Link Building For Gambling Sites
You cannot promote sites of this type with the help of submissions and guest articles. Why? Registering a gambling site in submissions borders on legality. Apart from some legalized giants, not a single owner of such a site (especially if affiliated) will indicate the physical address of the company’s office, phone number, or personal mail.

The same is true for guest posts. Not every online publication or blog will undertake to post material with an active link to an online casino. This is a gray niche and it is dangerous to refer to it for the donor-site. Exception: reviews and ratings of gaming sites on specialized platforms.

Besides, gambling websites have unhealthy competition. Today there is an insane amount of them, they are similar to each other and the only thing that distinguishes them is the level of reputation and visual style. For example, the best online casino looks near the same as other competitors in the gambling niche, but to rank in search engines it needs to get visibility and trust in the most ethical way; a difficult task in a grey area like gambling.

Based on this, it can be argued that almost the only effective method of link promotion of gambling sites is crowd marketing.

Recall that crowd marketing is the placement of expert comments on forums, Q&A sites, and under thematic articles with the ability to comment.

For gambling sites, crowd marketing helps to:

safely build up the link volume of the site;
attract a motivated target audience;
increase the level of trust of the target audience;
increase company awareness on the web.
What is important for the target audience of gambling sites? Focus on real experiences, review the casino and the support, as well as the payment methods available and the general trustiness of such brand. If the site pays out the money players won, then more players should pay attention to it. But I recommend treating online casinos not as a way to make money, but rather as a type of entertainment.

Placement Of Crowd Marketing Posts
Prepared accounts are the key to success in crowd marketing promotion. Here is what your account should look like to avoid bans by moderators:

Chose a name, surname, or nickname (you can use auto-generators)
Get a photo/picture (similarly, use photo stocks or search by pictures via Google)
Complete questionnaire (location, date of birth, hobby, occupation, etc.)
Read the forums TOS and rules before to post
Write at least 15 messages on various topics without links
Wait more than 2 weeks of “life” before posting contents with a link

Writing A Crowd Marketing Post
To make a perfect crowd marketing post you will need to:

Determine the problems of the participants in the discussion;
Try to solve their issue with your post;
Mention the site natively (if necessary);
Write correctly (but do not overdo it, in real life people can make a mistake or a typo);
Do not enter into conflict/dispute with the participants in the discussion;
add a picture to your comment if possible.
As for the crowd marketing campaign itself, there are three main ways to implement it:

On your own. If you are well versed in all the nuances of crowd marketing, know how to find discussions, prepare accounts and write a good post – this method suits you 100%. However, remember that the volumes of links should constantly grow and it will take you a long time to implement it on your own.

Freelance. This method is only suitable when you fully trust the performers. However, it will be difficult to track the quality and effectiveness of the work made by freelancers.

Outsourcing. The most optimal method for implementing crowd marketing. The main thing is to choose the right company. On such resources, all you need to do is register a personal account, add a site and select a tariff. The rest is on the shoulders of the company: developing a strategy and technical specifications, individual selection of discussions for your project, preparing accounts, and posting expert comments with a guarantee.

When To Expect The First Results?
In the gambling niche it depends on the budget you want to invest and how smart you invest. If you intend to invest a large budget, it is better that you know what you are doing, otherwise rely on experts. The technique we discussed in this article requires your work or a very low budget to outsource someone able to do it. With the right approach to work with crowd marketing, the first results will be visible after 3-4 months. It is important not to slow down or lose the quality of posting since you can lose all the work you’ve made previously! Other SEO tips on how to optimize your gambling website can be found in this article.