“I am very satisfied with my first appearance” Japan’s attention is paid to Korea’s Ohtani, the national team’s all-weather fragrance

Kwak Bin (24, Doosan), who has been preparing for the WBC (World Baseball Classic) since December of last year, received a passing grade in his first appearance for the national team. 

Kwak Bin took the mound as the third pitcher in the WBC preparation match against the KIA Tigers held at Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona on the 20th (Korean time), USA, and did not allow a single on-base against five batters. 

Kwak Bin climbed the mound in the 3rd inning, leading 6-3, and grounders Hwang Dae-in and Kim Seok-hwan in succession, then caught Ryu Ji-hyeok as a floating ball in left field and quickly filled 3 out counts. Kwak Bin, who was unable to complete the set number of pitches by handling three batters so quickly, continued to strike out Woo-hyuk Byun and Seung-taek Han on swings in succession to end the inning. He seemed to be in the best condition that day with So Joon So. The highest speed of fastball was 148 km. 

Kwak Bin, who we met after the game, said, “It was my first actual appearance this season, and it was better than I thought, and I was very satisfied. He said with a hearty smile, saying, “I heard that the highest fastball speed was 148 km.” 

Kwak Bin, who was nominated for the first round of 2018 Doosan, finally broke out of an egg last year in his 5th year as a pro. After undergoing elbow surgery and various trials and errors, he played the role of an ace in the second half of last year with an average ERA of 2.98 and 5 wins and 2 losses in 11 games. 안전놀이터 And this led to his first national team promotion in his life. Kwak Bin, who was called Baemyeonggo Ohtani during his school days, recently received attention from the Japanese media as “Korea’s Ohtani is going to the WBC.”

Kwak Bin, who has achieved his dream of becoming a national team member, started individual training in preparation for the WBC from December last year. In the Doosan Australia Sydney Spring Camp, which started in February, bullpen pitching was conducted with the WBC official ball, and Yang Eui-ji, the main catcher at the time, said, “I think we can start right away.”

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