In 2022, when the name Kim Hyun-joon was announced… The run of the 83rd rank, which will make you forget the transfer students of the national university, will continue this year

Samsung Lions’ future Kim Hyun-jun (20)’s run continues in 2023.

Samsung’s 2022 season was not a sweet season. In the middle of the season, the team lost 13 consecutive losses, the most ever, and coach Heo Sam-young resigned, and walked the path of hardship, and the team ranking also failed to rebound and finished the season in 7th place.

But there was no harvest. The appearance of outfielder Kim Hyun-joon, who brilliantly filled the void of ‘6 billion free agent’ Park Hae-min, was a happiness for Samsung fans. All Samsung fans cheered at the appearance of a new blue blood, who would be responsible for the team’s leadoff and center fielder position left by a transfer student from the national university.

2021 KBO Draft 2nd Round 9th Overall 83rd Rank. As you can see from the nomination list, at the time of nomination, he was not a player who received much attention and joined. In the 2021 season, his debut season, he only had a batting average of 0.250 and 1 hit in 13 appearances.

The 2022 season definitely proved who he is. He was not included in the roster at the time of the opening, but he did not miss the opportunity that came his way. He entered the first team due to injuries to his older brothers, and at that time he clearly showed his presence.스포츠토토

In the 2022 season, his first full-time season, he played 118 games and recorded a batting average of 0.275, 100 hits, 22 RBIs, 57 runs and an on-base percentage of 0.365, making a big success as Samsung’s leadoff.

In particular, he wrote a great record. On July 10, 2022, he hit against SSG Landers, surpassing the 19-game hits of “Lion King” Lee Seung-yeop (Doosan Bears coach) and setting a new record for 21 consecutive hits under the age of 19.

He also had good defense. It was not easy to completely fill the void of Park Hae-min, who has the best defense in the KBO, but it was positive that he showed Ho-bi several times to run hard and catch the ball.

Former Samsung coach Heo Sam-young said, “Kim Hyeon-joon has an extraordinary vision. He has a good eye and is good at handling breaking balls. He has a hitting balance here, so he has no choice but to do well.”

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