In De Gea’s ‘Horror Show’… Ten Haag: Manchester United want a new contract

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Fans as well as teammates were frustrated. The relay team was surprised. It was a fatal mistake that could not have been expected.

The aftermath of David de Gea’s concession is huge. This is because he absurdly sent a shot that could have been blocked enough to the goal.

Manchester United and West Ham United match on the 8th (Korean time) at London Stadium, England. In the 27th minute of the first half, West Ham striker Saeed Benrema hit a shot between three Manchester United defenders.

The ball was not strong enough to avoid the defensive wall. The ball went towards the United goal not quickly.

It was a shot that Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea could easily block. However, the slow-rolling ball hit De Gea’s hand and split the net.

West Ham’s opening goal and winning goal. With this goal, United lost 0-1.

4th place, just 1 point ahead of 5th place Liverpool in the Premier League. It was a very painful defeat for United.

▲ Coach Erik Ten Haag gave De Gea unwavering trust.

The British media ‘The Sun’ criticized it, saying, “De Gea’s ‘horror show’ unfolded.” “It was a terrible mistake by De Gea. In the last two seasons he has made nine mistakes that have resulted in goals, more than any goalkeeper in the Premier League.”

However, Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hag wrapped up De Gea. His contract expires at the end of this season, and he wants to renew his contract with De Gea.

“We have the strongest goalkeeper in the Premier League. Without De Gea, United would not be where we are today. There were mistakes, but I have full faith in him. I am not worried about him. I hope he stays at Manchester United and extends his contract.”

스포츠토토 Teammate Bruno Fernandez also helped. “We don’t have to focus on De Gea’s mistakes. He saved us many times,” said Fernandez.

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