“It must be a process to avoid getting sick in the future.” Park So-joon’s ‘name-changing effect’ from now on

Is it a process to be reborn as Park So-jun (27, Doosan Bears)?

Ahead of this season, a player with an unfamiliar name came to the Doosan Bears. Park So-jun. After playing 22 games in 2021, he changed his name after the season. His former name was Park Jong-gi.

He changed his name to ‘Sojun’, which means ‘multi-talented in many ways’, and dreamed of taking a new leap forward, but he encountered a wall from the start.

He, who was also selected as the fifth starting candidate, developed pain in his elbow and was eventually diagnosed with surgery. He ended up on the operating table after failing to play in the 1st and 2nd teams this season.

After finishing the season, he recovered to the extent of appearing in the briquette service on the 7th after getting fit in the rehabilitation camp at the finishing camp.

Park So-joon said, “I didn’t throw the ball at the finish camp and continued to do strength training in the rehabilitation center. I started shadow pitching in December, and I think ITP (phased pitching program) will start in January.”

Joining as a foster player in 2013 and becoming an official player in 2015, he has only appeared in 33 games in his career. He had a strong desire for the reason for changing his name to be a little different.

Although he spent a year in rehabilitation rather than in the first team, Park So-joon had a positive mind. He said honestly, “I can’t avoid being sick, and it’s natural that I can’t go to the game, and I’m upset because I can’t even exercise.” Still, he said, “As soon as he changed his name, he had surgery right away, but I’m trying to think positively. 메이저놀이터 I thought it was to be sick within the next 10 years.”

Doosan, which has advanced to fall baseball for seven consecutive years since 2015, received a report card of 9th, the lowest ranking since its foundation this season. Doosan parted ways with manager Kim Tae-hyung, who led the team for eight years, and appointed new manager Lee Seung-yeop.

Coach Lee spent time at the finishing camp examining the basic skills of the players.

Park So-joon, who couldn’t properly show himself in the rehabilitation camp, said, “I was sorry that I couldn’t show the person I am,” and said, “I think now is the most important thing to show that I am on the pitching team.”

If he speeds up his rehabilitation, it is possible to get on the mound in the first half. Park So-joon made up his mind, saying, “I’ll make sure you don’t get sick anymore. I’ll leave my position and try to help the team.”

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