“It’s not just about defending and taking away” DB club’s words that resonated with Kim Young-hyun

Younghyun Kim heads to Wonju.

On the 16th, Wonju DB Promy announced that it had signed a contract with free agent Kim Young-hyun for a contract period of 3 years and a total fee of 150 million won.

Kim Young-hyun, who joined Mobis (now Hyundai Mobis) with the 10th pick in the 1st round of the 2013 draft, will move the team for the first time since his debut through this free agent contract. Kim Young-hyun said that the active movement of the DB club was a big help in the decision.

Kim Young-hyun said, “I am very happy to have signed a contract with DB. While talking with the secretary-general, I felt that he wanted me a lot and actively talked to me. The part that actively stepped forward had a big impact on the decision.”

In DB, there are Kim Jong-gyu and Doo Kyung-min, who ate rice in one pot with Kim Yeong-hyeon during their Kyunghee University days. It is Kim Young-hyun who will be able to adapt to the new team more easily with the presence of the two players.

Kim Young-hyun said, “(Kim) Jong-kyu and (two) Kyung-min are there, so I think I’ll get a lot of help in adapting, so I think I’ll be able to melt in faster. There was a part where we talked because we were together, and Kyung-min was in the US right now, so I contacted him via messenger.

Kim Young-hyun, who showed his presence mainly in defense, was selected as one of the 5 defense girls last season and was recognized for his value. Even so, Kim Young-hyeon stood out in terms of shooting, recording a 3-point success rate of 35.6% last season. On January 5, against Carrot, he drove in five 3-pointers.

Kim Young-hyun said, “I wanted to go to a team where I could demonstrate my abilities well in the field of defense. And the DB told me that I didn’t recruit just for defense. He said that he saw me as a player with strength in shooting. I felt that I could improve further. Rather than contributing to the team only with defense, I am confident in my shooting, so I will try to make good use of the chances given by Kyung-min and (Lee Seon) Albano.”

The hustle play that does not spare the body and the passionate appearance that breathes life into the team are scenes that symbolize Kim Young-hyun. Having earned the nickname ‘Dongcheon Elk’, he will continue to work hard to raise the team’s energy level in DB.

Kim Young-hyun said, “I don’t do that for the image, but it comes out naturally when I immerse myself in the game. Personally, I think that kind of appearance is definitely helpful to the team. Since my passionate appearance and hustle play are my strengths, I plan to carry them throughout my career as a player. If I use my energy well for the team, I think I can go in a good direction because there are so many good team members.”

After his debut, Kim Young-hyun did not see the light of day in the first team for a long time and was active mainly in the D-League. Kim Young-hyun’s successful FA contract, which he worked hard without giving up, seems to be a good example for second-tier players.

Kim Young-hyun said, “After the contract was announced, I received a lot of calls from Hyundai Mobis D-League players and familiar players who often play in the D-League from other teams to congratulate me. I have ‘just do it’ as the motto of my life. If I keep silent on the path I have to go, an opportunity will come someday, and I have to be always prepared to seize it.

Lastly, Kim Young-hyun said, “I came up from the D-League, and it was thanks to the support of Hyundai Mobis fans that I was able to grow like that. I was able to play the season well thanks to the support sent to each game. DB is a club with a passionate fandom, and if the fans welcome us, we will do our best to achieve good results 체스카지노.”

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