“James is too short” Beverly “Bad Boy” “I’m a spoon but the Lakers treat me like a fork”

Patrick Beverly kept his promise.

“I’m going to keep the Lakers out of the playoffs,” Beverly said when he signed with the Chicago Bulls after being traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Orlando Magic.

On the 27th (Korean time), Beverly met the Lakers wearing a Chicago uniform.

The result was Chicago’s 118-108 victory. Beverly scored 10 points like Altoran. In particular, in the 4th quarter, Beverly made an exquisite shot in front of Lebron James, who was about 20cm taller than her, and made a gesture meaning ‘You are too small’. It was James’ humiliation.

Beverly also shot Hamm, saying, “Chicago coach Billy Donovan is using me as a spoon. Lakers coach Davin Hamm treated me as a fork.”

After Beverly joined, Chicago went 10-5. They are currently ranked 10th in the Eastern Conference. With seven games left, they are ahead of the Washington Wizards in 11th place by three games. As long as there are no major incidents, it is expected to advance to the play-in tournament.

The Lakers are ninth in the Western Conference, but the difference between them and 11th-ranked Dallas is only 0.5, so there is no guarantee of advancing to the play-in tournament. 카지노사이트

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