K League comeback goal ‘bang’ for Mugosa “I’m happy to score in front of my country’s jamboree”

Stefan Mugosa’s goal on his return to Incheon showed that he will be a good partner for Gerso, who also scored on the day. He added that it was especially meaningful for him to score in front of the Montenegrin Jamboree team from his homeland, who visited the Incheon Football Stadium.

On the 13th, Incheon hosted Daegu in the 26th round of the 2023 Hana One Q K League 1 at the Incheon Football Stadium and won 3-1.

Incheon (9 W, 9 D, 8 L – 36 points) paved the way for a promotion to the Final A (top split) with the win over Daegu. Daejeon’s win over Seoul on the same day was enough to move them up to seventh place on goal difference, but it also closed the gap to fourth-placed Seoul (38 points) to just two points, raising the prospect of an early fall comeback.

In the match, Mugosa, who made his first official home start since returning to Incheon, rattled the Daegu net in the 23rd minute after receiving a pass from Gerso just inside the opponent’s penalty area. It was only his second start since returning to Incheon.

In first-half stoppage time, Mugosa made his presence known to the home fans with an assist on a penetrating pass to Jerso. It was the return of a king.

Speaking to the media after the game, Mugosa said, “It was a great game today. To come back and get a goal and an assist in my first home game, I’m really happy. “First of all, it’s a great night with my teammates,” he said, “I want to say thank you to my teammates and coaches, and thank you to the people who believed in me. It was a night where I could feel that I love this place again.

Mugosa, who also showed light physical condition in last week’s match against Jeonbuk, commented on his condition for this match: “The last match against Jeonbuk was a difficult match. It was a combative game, and I would say it was a painful game. I wasn’t even happy because we lost the game. We prepared a lot for the home game. We worked even harder to prepare for Incheon because we know we’ve made a lot of progress. It’s hard to say that I’m in perfect shape yet. The people around me helped me a lot, so I think I did my part to score the goal,” he said.

“Since I came to Incheon, I realized that he’s the type of player I like to play with. He’s a player who likes to use space, so I thought he could help me a lot. He was a good partner today, and we will continue to enjoy each other’s company on the field,” he said, indicating that they will continue to showcase their outstanding skills together in the future. 스포츠토토

When asked if he felt that there was less pressure on him due to the improvement of the Incheon team, he said, “Honestly, I think it’s the same as before. It’s true that there are more players who can score goals, including Gerso, Lee Myung-joo, and Mpoku, but I still feel like the opponent is keeping me in check. Even if I don’t score, someone else can score and we can win. That’s the biggest difference between before and now,” he said, praising Incheon’s upgraded offense.

“I’m confident about scoring goals. I can say that I know what I need to do and how to score. I think more of that will come as my body improves. But at the end of the day, you have to rely on your teammates, so again, I’m grateful to my teammates. I enjoy playing soccer here and I want to enjoy it more,” he explained.

“The role of the defenders is very important. We have become a team that can score every game, but I think we can win because we have the defense to support it,” he added.

There were 26 members of the Montenegro Jamboree team at the stadium to watch Mugosa play in the pre-match program.

“I felt responsible,” he said of their support. Thank you for coming to the stadium and supporting my team. They’ll be back tomorrow, and I wish them a safe trip home. It’s my first home game after coming back and I’m happy that I scored in front of them. I think it’s good that the club gave them a gift and gave them the opportunity to come down to the stadium and be with us. When they said they liked Korea, I said, ‘Of course, it’s another home’. I’m happy that they came to the stadium,” he said.

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