“Kane decides to join Munich!”…deal approved with Levy Munich, all that remains is transfer fee

Tottenham ‘legend’ Harry Kane’s move to Bayern Munich is gathering pace.

Tired of being on the sidelines, Kane wanted a move to Bayern Munich, and Bayern Munich wanted him badly. He reportedly made up his mind after speaking to Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel.

However, Tottenham were not happy with the deal. Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy made it clear that he was unwilling to let Kane go. Bayern Munich made two bids, but Levy rejected both.

Recently, however, the mood has begun to change. First and foremost, Kane’s desire to leave has been strong. If a player wants to leave, it’s inevitable. There is virtually no way to stop it.

메이저놀이터 주소 Therefore, it is believed that Levy has opened his mind. Levy has authorized Bayern Munich to negotiate with Kane. According to German publication Bild, Levy and Bayern Munich president Jan Christian Dresden met in London to discuss the transfer of Kane,

It is encouraging that the table has been set. It’s a huge step forward. But it’s still very early in the process. The key is the transfer fee. Levy wants at least £100 million ($165.8 million), while Bayern Munich is willing to offer up to £85 million ($147 million). The key is to reduce the difference between the two sides’ transfer fee positions. They need to put their heads together and find an agreement.

‘Sky Sports Germany’ reports that “Kane has decided to join Bayern Munich this summer. Tottenham have approved the Kane transfer deal. Kane’s transfer to Bayern Munich has been given the green light. Bayern Munich has expressed confidence in signing Kane. All that remains is to close the gap on the transfer fee,” the report said.

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