Kim Yeon-kyung Heungkuk Life Insurance ‘last flame’… residual strand

Kim Yeon-kyung, the ‘Volleyball Empress’, the largest free agent in women’s volleyball, has decided to stay with Heungkuk Life Insurance.
It seems that Heungkuk Life Insurance will burn the last flame.
More news, reporter Kook Young-ho.

Kim Yeon-kyung gave up his intention to retire for the sake of the runner-up and declared an extension of his active career, receiving offers from several teams as the largest free agent.

▶ Interview: Kim Yeon-kyung / Heungkuk Life Insurance (Last Monday)

  • “Shouldn’t we choose a team that has the potential to win? We will make a decision within this week.”

Hyundai E&C, which finished second in the regular league this season, made the most active move by offering Kim Yeon-kyung a scout to solve the winning puzzle.

Heungkuk Life Insurance also made all-out efforts to catch it, with director Abondanza meeting Kim Yeon-kyung and persuading him to stay, and the club also promising to reinforce their power. 토토사이트

In fact, he moved quickly, with the re-recruitment of center Kim Su-ji, who was released as a free agent this time and has a close relationship with Kim Yeon-kyung, in front of him.

After struggling from various angles, such as controversy over salary cuts that would arise when transferring to another team, Kim Yeon-kyung decided to burn the ‘last flame’ at Heungkuk Life Insurance, which had a lot of talk and trouble.

▶ Interview: Yeonkyung Kim / Heungkuk Life Insurance (today)

  • “Because I think many people will like it if I show what I can show next season anyway.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance plans to announce the renewal of the contract as soon as it reaches an agreement with Kim Yeon-kyung on the details.

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