‘Leaving the camp’ coach Park Jin-man, “Lee Byung-gyu, who has the opposite personality, will actively stimulate the players”

Park Jin-man, coach of the Samsung Lions, left for the campsite to prepare for the 2023 season. This is my first camp as a coach.

Director Park headed to Okinawa, Japan via Incheon International Airport on the 30th. Some players headed to the campsite as they were selected, but coach Park left early in the morning with the main team, including head coach Lee Byeong-gyu.

The team gathered at the airport around 5:00 a.m. Head coach Lee Byeong-gyu arrived and coach Park also prepared to leave.

Coach Park, who met with reporters before leaving, said, “The players of the 1st and 2nd teams camp together in the same area. So it will be an opportunity for players to show more competitiveness and grow. I will come prepared well,” he said.

Coach Park also looked forward to building a team with head coach Lee. Director Park said, “You can see that my personality is the opposite of mine. I am a bit silent, but this coach seems to actively stimulate the players. The atmosphere is a bit different.”

Coach Park continued, “I hope that coach Lee’s unique know-how can be demonstrated to the players. I think the atmosphere in our team will improve,” he added. Samsung entrusted coach Lee with the senior position to assist coach Park in the first team.

Coach Lee, who returned to Korea on the 23rd after leading Geelong Korea in the Australian Professional Baseball League, said, “Coach Park asked me to,” and “I want to learn baseball from coach Park. I want to see him defending baseball and following his own routine. 안전놀이터 I want to help. I’ll try my best. I will work hard. I will help the players build a well-read and good team so that they can run happily on the playground.”

Coach Park said to the players before leaving the country, “I have been sending messages since the end of camp. He gave the coaching staff a schedule so that each player could prepare individually. We will have to compete at this camp,” he said.

Coach Park continued, “The players will have to prepare well, such as their mindset. Training will also be difficult. If you go today, you will have self-training for one day, and you will start training in earnest from the 1st of the next month. I will prepare well,” he said.

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