Lee Dong-guk opened his mouth to the sinking Jeonbuk… “Everything is out of order, I want you to support me”

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“It’s true that Jeonbuk is bad, but I hope you support it.”

Lee Dong-guk, one of Jeonbuk Hyundai’s “living legends,” said this when asked about the situation of his parents’ team, which is compared to a shipwreck.

토스카지노 On the 2nd, Lee Dong-guk attended the dedication ceremony for the 6 invited inductees of the ‘K League Hall of Fame’ held at the Ambassador Pullman Grand Ballroom in Jangchung-dong, Seoul, and met with reporters in the joint coverage area, saying, “(Jeonbuk-eun) I am also watching as a fan. . It’s true that it’s not good, but I think we should trust and support it.”

Jeonbuk, which boasts the most wins (9 times) in K-League history, has already suffered 6 losses (3 wins, 1 draw) in 10 games since the opening of this season, and is pushed back to 10th place. Apart from the poor performance, Jeonbuk supporters, centering on CEO Heo Byung-gil and manager Kim Sang-sik, are calling for the resignation of the team, causing confusion both inside and outside.

Lee Dong-guk said, “It feels like everything is out of sync. I hope to win enough and become stronger so that Jeonbuk will return to its former self.”

He was selected in the 4th generation player category after the K-League Hall of Fame was formed. In celebration of the 40th anniversary, the selection committee formed a group of 15 candidates from each generation for 10 years, and selected them by reflecting 25% of each of the votes of fans and reporters, club representatives and coaches, and the selection committee.

On this day, Lee Dong-guk was accompanied by his wife Lee Su-jin, eldest daughter Lee Jae-si, and youngest son Lee Sian. He said, “It is an honor to be selected for this position to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the K-League.” At the same time, he laughed, saying, “Sian only sees me on YouTube,” and said, “It feels good to show me standing in a proud position as a soccer player. It’s good that I’ve been here through soccer so far, and I think I’ll be able to talk to the kids later.”

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