Levi, what are you thinking about? Tottenham fans are clear

The Tottenham Hotspur fan heart was clear. What is the concern of Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy?

The British media ‘Mirror’ reported on the 4th (Korean time) that ‘Levy is considering four candidates for the new manager, but Tottenham fans have made it clear who should be the next manager’.

The Mirror reported: ‘Levy heard fans chanting Pochettino’s name during the match against Everton. It was a cry to bring Pochettino back,’ he added.

Tottenham sacked manager Antonio Conte last week. Conte’s right-hand man, Christian Stellini, has taken over as acting manager for the remainder of the season. It seems that the next manager will be appointed after going through the summer transfer market.

Many managers, including Pochettino, have been named. Levy earned some time by announcing the acting manager system, but there is not much time to spare. Totner fans have been crying out for Pochettino ever since they were knocked out by AC Milan in the Champions League. 안전놀이터

Chelsea, which spends more money than Tottenham, also sacked manager Graham Porter on the 3rd. If Tottenham and Chelsea compete for the same candidate, it is clear who will win. Coincidentally, most of the coaching candidates the two teams are aiming for overlap. Pochettino, as well as Julian Nagelsmann and Luis Enrique, are joint candidates.

Pochettino led Tottenham’s prime from 2014 to 2019. Champions League runners-up and Premier League runners-up. Levi is the one who cut Pochettino. Levy is in a situation where he has to go back to ‘see’ Pochettino, whom he fired.

After leaving Tottenham, Pochettino went through Paris Saint-Germain manager and skyrocketed in weight class. He is even mentioned as a candidate for the next manager of Real Madrid.

For Tottenham to appoint at least a high-level manager, staying in the Champions League is an urgent priority. Tottenham were virtually deprived of fourth place after drawing with Everton. With 50 points from 29 matches, it is ‘4th only in patterns’. 5th place Manchester United has the same 50 points with two fewer games than Tottenham.

If Tottenham fails to make the top 4 and is pushed out of the Champions League, good managers will avoid Tottenham. After sacking manager Jose Mourinho in 2021, the nightmare of wasting three months looking for a new manager and eventually appointing manager Nunu Santo could repeat itself.

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