‘Little Heo Jae’ Kim Sang-sik, is it a ‘clothing genealogy’?

If you were to pick the hottest leader in professional basketball recently, you would not be able to leave out director Kim Sang-sik (55‧182cm) of Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation. He returned to the professional command tower after a long absence and is showing a truly uncompromising move, winning the regular league in his first year in office and becoming the first East Asian Super League (EASL) champion. If he can lead him to victory before the championship decision, he will be able to completely dominate the season.

Since his days at Industrial Bank of Korea, Kim Sang-shik has been called ‘Popular Heo Jae’ or ‘Little Heo Jae’. I don’t know if it sounds like a downgraded version, but it’s different if the target is ‘Basketball President’ Heo Jae. There will be many people who feel good in comparison. Kim Sang-sik is size, hardware, and power. It was Heo Jae, who was slightly down in technique and so on. He was called an underrated ace along with Jung In-gyo of Industrial Bank and was considered the pride of the financial sector team.

He is the same shooter as Jeong In-gyo, but his playing style is a bit different. Jeong In-gyo was very good at shooting, but there were few outstanding advantages in other areas such as mobility and versatility. Kim Sang-sik was different. As expected of the small Heo Jae-ra, he was nimble and full of sense, and he was equally good at breaking through and passing other than shooting. He plays like a talented kid, but he is so nimble that he earned the nickname ‘flying squirrel’ during his days as a manager, and later was nicknamed ‘moving missile’ for his strength in moving shots.

In addition to the 3-point shot, the mid-range jumper thrown at any distance was a powerful weapon to harass the opposing team. Since then, he has accumulated rich experience at Anyang KT&G (acting), Daegu Orions (acting, manager), and Seoul Samsung (acting). Befitting the evaluation of the low-end Heo Jae, he assisted head coach Heo Jae as a national team coach, and also served as the commanding tower as an acting manager and manager.

Although the label of acting professional followed, it is true that there are few leaders who receive that many opportunities. As a leader, he had mixed likes and dislikes. Although he is good at managing a team that is in a bad mood, it was pointed out that he lacks the power to lead the entire season and is monotonous in the strategic part.

At least until this season, the evaluation of leader Kim Sang-sik was low. He had many strengths, but his image as an ‘incompetent manager’ was too strong, probably because he was so sluggish during his Orions days. However, he seems to be ‘reevaluated’ little by little by leading the lead run of the team KGC, which has been completed with the ‘outfit’ title this season. He has a prudent personality that is very conscious of his surroundings, and has shown a tendency to save a word since his days with Orions, and it is analyzed that he fits well with KGC.

Currently, KGC is called the most powerful team among the 10 clubs. In the former manager Kim Seung-gi’s system, the balance of each position and organizational ability have improved, and the leadership of seniors such as Yang Hee-jong and Oh Se-geun, who have led the team for a long time, is evaluated as more than a decent coach. The evaluation that ‘this is a team that can compete for the championship even if left alone’ doesn’t sound like an exaggeration.

Being in charge of such a team is a big blessing from the perspective of coach Kim. He has received many opportunities in the meantime, but took the baton mainly for teams with relatively high difficulty, such as teams that need rebuilding and teams whose performance may vary depending on how they are used. The current KGC is a team that can exert its strength even if it has a good atmosphere, and in fact, it even achieved the record of winning the regular league with coach Kim’s free basketball. 토토사이트

There is a saying that ‘I only put a spoon on a well-prepared table’, but if a director who likes change and has his own color came, the current good grades might not have come out. There is definitely a part where Director Kim and KGC have good compatibility.

CEO Hur Jae-Carrot is a successful player as well as a leader. In particular, during his leadership days, he was famous for his bold basketball that he trusts and entrusts to his players. Because he made good use of players such as Shin Myung-ho, Kang Byung-hyun, and Lim Jae-hyun, whose contribution varies greatly depending on how they are used, it can be said that they are both masters and attire.

Coach Kim did not receive a high score as a leader even though he followed him as a low-end Heo Jae. His guidance style is also very different, and he doesn’t have draft luck like Heo Jae. Of course, there are opinions that it is already a costume compared to the majority of leaders who do not get a proper opportunity later even if they crumble once.

In order for coach Kim to be reborn as a true costume, he must keep the current strongest member well and produce the achievement of winning. Since it was a team that was called ‘No. 0 in the championship candidate’ from the time of winning the regular season, if it fails to stand on top in the championship match, it may be undervalued for another reason. ‘Maybe’ could become ‘as expected’.

Opponent SK, despite missing two of the local big three last season, reorganized its strength around veteran Kim Seon-hyung and advanced to the championship match. The ability of coach Jeon Hee-cheol to create such a team is also receiving rave reviews. From Coach Kim’s point of view, even if he wins the regular season, he cannot become a supporting actor who makes SK shine. Attention is focusing on whether Kim Sang-shik, who is said to be receiving the energy of the universe, will be able to laugh until the end.

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