Mirae Asset won the first round of the professional table tennis women’s championship… tomorrow’s final

Mirae Asset Securities in the professional table tennis women’s division defeated Posco International in the first round of the championship match on the 24th and led the match to the second round.

Mirae Asset defeated POSCO with a match score of 3-2 in the first leg of the 2023 Dunamu Korea Professional Table Tennis League (KTTL) Women’s Korea League Championship Match (Best of 3) held at Studio T (Gwanggyo Gymnasium), a table tennis stadium in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province on this day.

Mirae Asset, who came up to the championship game after going through the playoffs in 3rd place in the regular league, will play the second game on the 25th with a victory that day. Posco, who was able to win the championship with only one win in the championship match where the top team in the league standings holds one win, has to face the brink in the second game due to the defeat that day.

In the first match singles, Mirae Asset Yoon Hyo-bin, who is ranked 8th in the regular league singles ranking, caught 2nd place Posco Yang Ha-eun, predicting an unexpected change.

Yoon Hyo-bin took the lead with a backhand straight attack at 12-12 deuce. Yang Ha-eun made a mistake at the end of the rally, and Yoon Hyo-bin took one game.

Yang Ha-eun, who gave up one game, pushed the opponent hard from the beginning and took the lead. Yang Ha-eun, who overcame the baseline and widened the score, took the two games 11-7.

In the last three games, Yoon Hyo-bin took the early lead and took the lead. Yun Hyo-bin, who overpowered Yang Ha-eun, went all the way to 9-1. Yoon Hyo-bin, who was pursued to 9-5, eventually defeated Yang Ha-eun and won 11-5.

Mirae Asset Jeon Ji-hee defeated Posco Kim Na-young in the 2nd singles match.

In the first game, Jeon Ji-hee’s offense continued from the beginning, and Kim Na-young took a lead to 4-0. Jeon Ji-hee, riding the tide again, succeeded in turning her back and took the first game 13-11 after a deuce. Jeon Ji-hee took advantage of the last minute concentration in the second game and won 11-8.

Posco counterattacked in 3 matches. The Yuhan-na-Kim Na-young pair beat the Mirae Asset Yoon Hyo-bin-Shim Hyun-joo pair. The Yuhanna-Kim Nayoung pair won 12-10 after a deuce in the first game. Yoon Hyo-bin and Shim Hyeon-joo won 12-10 thanks to Yuhan-na’s mishandling after a deuce in 2 games. The Yuhanna-Kim Nayoung pair won 11-5 after leading 6-0 in three games. 카지노

Yang Ha-eun defeated Jeon Ji-hee in a 4-match ace singles match. Yang Ha-eun, who had lost the first game, won 2-0, not being pushed back by opponent ace Jeon Ji-hee.

In the final 5 match singles, which took place with the match score 2-2, Yuhan-na and Shim Hyun-joo faced each other. Shim Hyun-joo won the first game 11-8, fell behind in the second game, and then overturned the game and won 12-10.

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