Moving 1000 km without supplies in the murderous cold… Kim Young-mi stepped on the South Pole

Captain Kim Young-mi (42), who holds the record of ‘the youngest Korean to climb the highest peaks of the world’s 7 continents’, succeeded in ‘reaching the South Pole alone without supply’ this time. This is the first time that a Korean has reached the South Pole alone without receiving supplies.

Captain Kim reported that she had reached the South Pole on the 16th (local time) through her social network service (SNS). He said, “On the last day, the 51st day (the South Pole challenge), I walked 27.43 km and reached 90 degrees south latitude at 8:55 pm.” .

On November 27 of last year, Captain Kim took on the challenge by personally pulling a 113kg sled containing 50kg of food for 50 days, 11kg of fuel, and a tent for sleeping at Hercules Inlet in Antarctica on November 27th of last year. Although it was summer, Captain Kim, who fought 11 hours a day through the murderous cold of the Antarctic below minus 30 degrees Celsius, reached 90 degrees south latitude in 50 days, 11 hours and 37 minutes.

Captain Kim recalled, “I don’t know how I got to this point on a heavy sled over 1,000km.” “The cold and windy days and the cloudy and hungry times were tough, but looking back, there were far more sunny and warm days.”스포츠토토

In 2008, at the young age of 28, Captain Kim, who climbed the highest peaks on the seven continents including Everest, wrote a new history as the first Korean and first Asian to reach the South Pole without supply. Previously, Captain Park Young-seok had reached the South Pole without supplies, but at the time, he had built a team to achieve it. Admiral Kim, who is called the ‘iron woman’, has made history by climbing Loche in 2009 and climbing Ampu Peak 1 in 2013, the first Korean woman to climb Alpine style.

Captain Kim said, “Even after a rough day, there was a heavenly space.” She walked towards the southern end, thinking of the good people,” she explained. She continued, “It was very cold, but I walked thinking of good people, warm people. Thanks to that, I will take you with ten fingers and ten toes without injury.”

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