“My idol is Beckenbauer” KIM’s ambition. Big defender → evolving monster defender. Coach Tuchel “can’t help but like KIM”

‘Beckenbauer is my idol!’ 카지노

‘Monster’ Kim Min-jae was asked about his idols. He named Bayern Munich’s legendary center backs Lucio (Brazil) and Franz Beckenbauer.

“I admire Lucio and Beckenbauer and consider them my idols,” he said on June 6 (KST), according to German soccer publication Sport 1. Both players led Bayern Munich to a strong defense with a lot of toughness.

Lucio is a legendary center back who anchored Bayern Munich’s back line for five years starting in 2004. He was also a member of the Brazilian national team that won the 2002 World Cup in Korea-Japan.

Beckenbauer was a surprise pick. Known as the “Emperor” of Germany, Beckenbauer is a legend who is considered one of the greatest soccer players of all time.

His primary position was defense, but he also played as a “German libero” and is synonymous with versatility. He led Bayern Munich to four Bundesliga titles and three consecutive European Cups.

Of course, it’s a bit intentional that we’re putting both of these players in the same category as legendary Bayern Munich defenders. However, the choice of Beckenbauer speaks volumes about Kim’s ambition.

Kim Min-jae is known locally as “The Monster. His unbelievable physicality, power, and football sense allow him to completely dominate the air, and he’s perfect for defending one-on-one with strikers. In short, he’s a monster defender who can control any world-class attacker.

In addition, Kim Min-jae is versatile: high, fast, and powerful. He also has good soccer intelligence. He can pass at the right time. He has the qualities to be a great all-around defender like Beckenbauer, and he’s on his way.

The league has only just begun and he is the first-choice center back. Matthijs de Ligt is on the bench due to injury. Coach Thomas Tuchel told local media: “Kim Min-jae has strong defense and good passing. You can’t help but like him. ‘De Lichte, Bayern Munich’s number one center back last season, can be left on the bench because of the presence of Kim Min-jae,’ said the local media.

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