Ohtani boasts “Hyung, I’m weak in Japan” vs Trout “Yeah, I don’t believe it”

One of the main points to watch in this World Baseball Classic (WBC) is the confrontation between Ohtani (29) and Trout (32). What would it be like if LA Angels superstars Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani met as enemies?

It seems like the fans were curious about it too. According to Trout, Ohtani gave the warning with a big bluff.

Japanese media ‘Sankei Sports’ introduced Trout’s interview on the 21st (Korean time). Trout expressed his caution, saying, “Ohtani said he was not the best player in Japan.”

Trout is a major league star, but the WBC is his first appearance. He seems to have decided to participate while watching the last tournament on TV. The U.S. national team will be called on March 7.

Trout said, “I haven’t received the exact training schedule for the national team yet. Until then, I train at the Angels camp. The national team is a completely new experience. I’m looking forward to it. I didn’t go to the last WBC, but I regretted it a little while watching it on TV.”

Trout said, “The atmosphere looked really good. Everyone was having fun. I always try to have fun on the field, so I wanted to be there. It will definitely be a special moment. You can tell just by looking at it,” he said, hoping for a ‘dream stage’.

The face-to-face match with Ohtani is also exciting.

Trout said, “There are many great players in Japan. Ohtani threatened, ‘I’m not the best in Japan. There are many more great players in the Japanese national team’. But who would believe such a story? Anyway, I look forward to it.” 카지노

The outfield of the U.S. team is all-star level. MVP level players such as Trout, Bryce Harper, and Mookie Betts will be all out.

Trout looked back, saying, “I first contacted Harper. He is a player with whom I was compared a lot. He also debuted around the same time. He suggested that we play together. Isn’t that great? After that, I contacted several players.”

He then laughed, saying, “The scene where Adam Jones caught Manny Machado’s home run in the last tournament is the most memorable. After that, I got a lot of calls saying that I should also run.”

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