Only Barcelona choice remains…’400 million euros annual salary rejected’ Messi, weekly wage cuts OK

Lionel Messi’s return to Barcelona has given the baton back to the Barcelona club.

Spain’s Lelevo said on the 5th (Korean time), “Messi has never forgotten the dream of returning to the home he never wanted to leave. But Messi’s family considers Barcelona their home.” 먹튀검증

As Messi showed a lukewarm attitude toward the renewal of the contract proposed by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), it is widely expected that he will move on after this season. Currently, there are three major places that are considered as Messi’s future destinations. The United States, which has been constantly connected since Barcelona, ​​Saudi Arabia, which has been tempting Messi with money, and Messi’s home team, Barcelona.

Messi wants Barcelona, ​​of course. It is reported that Messi also rejected an offer of 400 million euros (approximately 575 billion won) from Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia.

Barcelona, ​​who confirmed Messi’s intentions, are preparing for Messi’s return. It has been reported that Barcelona manager Xabi Hernandez has already spoken to Messi. Barcelona fans remember the sadness of not being able to catch the best player in the history of the club because of lack of money. Barcelona Vice President Rapha Youste also confessed in a recent interview with the media, “I participated in contract negotiations two years ago. I still remember how hard it was to let Messi go.”

But just like when Messi was let go, it’s money that’s holding Barcelona back in the end. It cannot even be compared with Saudi capital, and it cannot win in a money fight with PSG or the United States. Still, Barcelona are doing their best to find a financial breakthrough because they can’t treat Messi poorly.

“Now everything is in Barcelona’s hands,” said Lelevo. “Barcelona will do everything in its power to bring Messi back. If Barcelona finds a solution to the Financial Fair Play (FFP) issue, Messi’s chances of returning are even greater. Messi There is also an intention to cut weekly wages,” he added.

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