Park Golf National Tournament, Daejeon City cannot hold… I looked into the reason

A craze for national park golf tournaments is blowing in each region, but Daejeon is the only exception. This is because there is no park golf course large enough to hold a national championship. The city of Daejeon also searched for a site several times for the expansion of the park golf course, but is frustrated every time it is blocked by environmental issues.

According to the Daejeon Park Golf Association on the 17th, only Daejeon among 17 cities and provinces nationwide does not have a national park golf tournament. To hold a national tournament, a 36-hole park golf course is needed, but Daejeon only has a golf course with 18 holes or less.

There are currently five park golf courses in Daejeon, two in Gapcheon and one each in Yudeungcheon, Taepyeong, and Eulmigi. However, all of them are 18 holes or less. There is also a plan to build a new park golf course in Yudeungcheon near Sammeori Apartment in Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu, and this will also have 9 holes.

This is the reason why voices full of regret are flowing from the local sports community. Daejeon is located in the center of the country, so if a national tournament is held by creating a park golf course with more than 36 holes, it can occupy an advantage over other regions in terms of accessibility. This geographical advantage soon leads to an excellent visitor attraction effect.

The Sancheoneo Park Golf Course in Hwacheon, Gangwon-do has recorded more than 100,000 visitors a year alone, with 2,000 club members from all over the country at the national tournament held last year. Considering the geographical location of Hwacheon, it means that more visitors can come if the national competition is held in Daejeon.

The economic ramifications of this are significant. General park golf national tournaments are held about 10 times a year based on major tournaments, creating an economic ripple effect of 1 to 2 billion won per event. Hosting the national competition has a great advantage in terms of tourism resources in addition to simply vitalizing sports for life.

The fact that park golf is gaining sensational popularity gives the legitimacy of establishing a new park golf course and holding a national tournament. The number of members of the Daejeon Park Golf Association was only 650 in 2020, but it has tripled in three years to 1,775 members as of last year. Including non-members, the number exceeds 2,000. The popularity of park golf can also be felt from the fact that Mayor Lee Jang-woo and Seo-gu Commissioner Seo Cheol-mo made pledges to expand park golf infrastructure during the last local election. 카지노

In response, the city started looking for a site to build a park golf course to host the national championship, but it turned out to be in vain. Problems appeared in the environmental aspect, such as most of the candidate sites being confined to the development restricted area or wildcats (endangered wildlife level 2) being found.

However, as a result of Dong-A Ilbo’s coverage, it was confirmed that if the idle land located on the left and right of Gapcheon Park Golf Course is expanded, this golf course can hold 36 holes that can hold national tournaments. Accordingly, the city is in a position to visit the site after the Lunar New Year holiday to see if it is possible to build a golf course.

A city official said, “The city is also very interested in creating a park golf course to the extent that the related infrastructure expansion is included in the 8th public election pledge.” We will continue to do business,” he said.

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