Piscotti-Newcomb, ‘the former top prospect’, re-challenges to enter the ML in SF

Piscotti and Newcomb try to re-enter the big leagues in San Francisco.

On February 7 (Korean time), the San Francisco Giants announced a list of invited players for spring camp in addition to the 40-man roster. Stephen Piscotti and Sean Newcombe, who signed minor league contracts with the club that day, were also included.

Born in 1991, right-handed outfielder Piscotti finished the 2022 season with the Cincinnati Reds. Piscotti, a former top prospect for the St. Louis Cardinals, is in a position to restart as a minor leaguer after a slump in recent years.

Piscotti, who was nominated by St. Louis with the 36th overall pick in the first round of the 2012 rookie draft, debuted in the big leagues in 2015 as a top 100 prospect. In his debut season, he hit .305/.359/.494 with 7 homers and 39 RBIs in 63 games, finishing 6th in the National League Rookie of the Year voting. has been very active as

After three years in St. Louis, Piscotti requested a trade to his “hometown team,” the Oakland Athletics, citing his mother’s medical care, and moved to Oakland ahead of the 2018 season. In the first year of his transfer, Scotty was very active with .267 / .331 / .491 27 home runs and 88 RBIs in 151 games, but was released during the 2022 season after suffering from injuries and sluggishness. After being released by Oakland, he signed a minor league contract with Cincinnati, but never made it back to the big leagues.

726 games, .255/.324/.430, 93 homers, 354 RBIs and 23 stolen bases in 8 seasons in the big leagues. Piscotti, who has already turned 32, takes on a difficult challenge.

Newcomb, a lefty born in 1993, is also a top prospect. Newcomb, who was nominated by the Los Angeles Angels with the 15th overall pick in the first round of the 2014 draft, was evaluated as a TOP 100 prospect and moved to the Atlanta Braves in November 2015 in a trade with Andrelton Simmons. And in 2017, he debuted in the big leagues.

Newcomb recorded 164 innings in 31 games, 12 wins and 9 losses, and an average ERA of 3.90 as a full-time starting pitcher in 2018, his second year of debut. 토토사이트 He posted an ERA of 3.16. However, his performance dropped sharply from the shortened season, and he was traded to the Chicago Cubs during the last season after continued sluggishness. Newcomb, who had been sluggish even after moving to the Cubs, eventually left the team after the season.

His total performance over the six major league seasons was 161 games (58 GS), 406 innings, 26 wins, 24 losses, 20 holds, 2 saves, and an ERA of 4.52. Last year, in the big leagues, he had a very poor ERA of 8.78 in 20 games, but in Triple A, he recorded an average ERA of 3.38 in 12 games. In Triple A, expectations from his clubs still remain as he consistently shows compliance.

Attention is focusing on whether Piscotti and Newcomb, both former ‘top prospects’, will be able to announce the revival in San Francisco.

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