‘Save King’ Go Woo-seok, 430 million won contract… ‘Hold King’ Jung Woo-young 400 million won stamp

LG Twins pitcher Go Woo-seok, who won the save king last year, signed a contract for an annual salary of 430 million won for the 2023 season.

On the 3rd, the LG club said, “We have completed annual salary contracts with 44 people, excluding pitcher Song Eun-beom, out of 45 people who are subject to renewal for the 2023 season.”

Ko Woo-seok received the highest treatment among players excluding free agents (FA) in the team while recording the ‘highest raise’ in the team. He concluded negotiations at 430 million won, an increase of 160 million won from 270 million won.

Ko Woo-seok, who is in charge of the finishing pitcher, pitched in 61 games last year and made a big success with 4 wins and 2 losses, 42 saves, and an ERA of 1.48. He won first place in the save category for the first time in his life and collected several trophies at various awards ceremonies.

Jung Woo-young, the ‘5th year’ who became the hold king with 35 holds, receives an annual salary of 400 million won. Jung Woo-young, who received an annual salary of 280 million won last year, rose by 120 million won, the second highest increase after Go Woo-seok.

Infielder Moon Bo-kyung, whose annual salary increased by 150%, became the main character of the team’s ‘highest increase rate’. 메이저놀이터 Moon Bo-kyung signed a contract for 170 million won, an increase of 102 million won from 68 million won, and entered the first billion won annual salary.

Moon Bo-kyung played 126 games last year, recording a batting average of 0.315, 128 hits, 9 homers, 56 RBIs, 52 runs, an on-base percentage of 0.382, and a slugging percentage of 0.451.

Pitchers Kim Yun-sik, Lee Min-ho, and Lee Woo-chan also became billionaires. Kim Yun-sik, who established himself as a third starter with brilliant pitching in the second half of last year, signed a contract for 150 million won, an increase of 80 million won from 70 million won. Lee Min-ho signed 140 million won (42.9%↑) and Lee Woo-chan signed 120 million won (93.5%↑).

“Pilseungjo” Lee Jung-yong, who kept the LG bullpen with Go Woo-seok and Jung Woo-young, signed a contract for 240 million won, up 100 million won. Moon Seong-ju, who performed like Altoran in the other line, stamped for 95 million won, an increase of 53 million won.

In addition, Kim Yoo-young and Yun Ho-sol, who joined as free agent (FA) compensation players, signed contracts for 95 million won and 87 million won, respectively.

On the other hand, Seo Kun-chang and Lim Chan-gyu, who did not exercise their FA rights last year, had their salaries cut. Seo Kun-chang receives 200 million won, a cut of 60 million won, and Lim Chan-gyu receives 170 million won, a cut of 30 million won.

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