Seongyu Ryu, general manager who stepped down after leading the SSG championship, “It’s time for a change in the organization”

Seon-gyu Ryu, general manager of SSG Landers, resigned from his position.

Director Ryu recently announced his intention to resign from the club. Director Ryu, who joined the LG Twins and worked in the baseball world, moved to the SK Wyverns in 2001. He is a “team tong” who rose to the general manager in November 2020 after passing through key positions such as the public relations team, operation team, data team, marketing team, and strategy team. Even after he changed to SSG, he maintained the position of general manager.

General manager Ryu focused on strengthening the team 토토사이트 power by promptly negotiating salary, recruiting free agents, and signing non-FA multi-year contracts. General Manager Ryu resigned as general manager after winning the front desk of the year award at the end of the season.

Director Ryu said, “The goal was to rebuild the team within two years, but we achieved it by winning this year. I think I have fulfilled my duty. I just thought it was time for a change in the organization. I am very proud of being the first in Incheon baseball to rank first in crowd mobilization.” He expressed his feelings of resignation.

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