‘Shock and awe’ Juventus new uniform, ‘yellow stripe + zebra’ pattern

Juventus draws attention by adding yellow to the new season uniform.

On the 1st (Korean time), ‘Pooty Headlines’, a media specializing in soccer goods, introduced that “Juventus has obtained a real photo of the home uniform to be worn in the 2023-24 season,” and “a design that will be talked about a lot among soccer fans.”

Juventus is a team that traditionally uses white-black vertical stripes. For this reason, it is also called the ‘zebra uniform’. This uniform also has white-black stripes applied. However, a fur pattern was added to the border between white and black to create an effect that looked like a real zebra.

The most eye-catching element is the yellow stripe. Juventus designed the three stripes on the shoulders and side stripes, the club emblem on the chest, the Adidas logo, and the main sponsor all in yellow. The name and uniform number on the back are written in white.

Meanwhile, Juventus, which finished designing the new uniform early, is doing its best to advance to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) next season. Juventus are currently in 7th place in Serie A. Even at the beginning of the season, they were in the lead, but 15 points were cut due to fraudulent accounting problems, so they have 44 points. It is only 4 points away from 4th place AC Milan (48 points). 토토사이트

At 3:45 am on the 2nd, in the match against Hellas Verano held at the home stadium, Allianz Stadium, they won 1-0 thanks to Mois Keane’s winning goal. Juventus is on a three-game winning streak following Sampdoria (4-2) and Inter Milan (1-0).

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