‘Soto WBC appearance unclear’ still treated at SD camp “watch for 3 days”

San Diego Padres Juan Soto, who missed an exhibition game due to a calf injury, is becoming uncertain about participating in the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

Reporter Kevin Acey of the San Diego Union-Tribune, a leading San Diego local newspaper, reported on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time) that ‘Juan Soto is not yet heading to the WBC Dominican Republic team’.

“I’ve improved a lot, but the club wants to make sure I’m completely better and ready to play,” said Soto.

Major League players participating in the first round of the WBC held in the United States must join the national team camp on this day. The Dominican Republic camp is located at the Recounty Sports Complex in Fort Myers, Florida. Dominican Republic players from San Diego, Manny Machado, Nelson Cruz, and Luis Garcia moved here that day. This means that Soto will remain at the club’s camp and be checked on his physical condition.

According to Acey, Soto will see the improvement of his injured calf over the next two to three days and decide whether or not to participate in the WBC.

Speaking about Soto’s condition, San Diego manager Bob Melvin said, “We hope that Soto will remain at camp and continue his batting training while receiving treatment.” revealed He means he will watch for 3 days until the 10th. The Dominican Republic’s first group stage match will be held on the 12th at 9:00 am at Londippo Park in Miami.

“I’m sure Soto will go to the WBC and I know he wants to too, but we’ll have to keep an eye out if this problem persists and he’s not running properly,” Melvin added.

If conditions do not improve during this period, Soto will be considered absent from the WBC. However, Soto is said to still have a strong will to participate. 나르샤 토토

Soto was withdrawn from the lineup before the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 28th of last month, complaining of pain in his right calf. Since it was not a major injury, Soto, who was rested until the next day, played consecutively against the Texas Rangers on the 2nd and against the Seattle Mariners on the 3rd, each hitting 2 hits and 1 RBI, maintaining a high sense of hitting.

However, after taking a break for 4 to 5 days in a row, he did not show up against the Oakland Athletics on the 6th. Instead, he checked his physical condition with live betting at the auxiliary pitch next to him. “You can keep playing, that is, if you’re in the middle of the season, but you have to be careful. There’s no reason to overdo it. You have to make sure you’re ready to play 100 percent,” Soto said.

As the Dominican Republic gave up the WBC due to a knee injury suffered in an exhibition match by Vladimir Guerrero, the loss of Soto would inevitably be a huge blow.

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