‘The drama was a true story’ Since the cow was lost, let’s fix the barn well

I thought it was a drama. After knowing it, I thought, ‘It could be a true story’. so it’s scarier It’s time to ‘fix the barn’ like the line in the drama.

In 2019, a drama called ‘Stove League’ was aired. It is a box office hit drama with an audience rating of close to 20%. KBO League team officials participated in the work and increased ‘reality’. He also received a lot of support from fans.

There is a saying that came out like a joke. “Isn’t it a job in the real KBO League?” That is. It was really like a joke. Drama and reality are different.

But as time went on, something happened that made me think, “It could be.” It was a report that the current general manager requested a ‘back margin’ while negotiating with the player.

One side says, “It was a joke.” On the other side, “Once is a joke, but not twice. I never think so,” he said. In any case, the club decided to dismiss the general manager. still noisy A huge incident happened.

It’s already a bad situation. In the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), he was humiliated by being eliminated in the first round. A club’s prospect has been expelled after being accused of sex crimes involving minors. Within a few days, the head of the front desk, the general manager, was fired.

One baseball fan sighed, saying, “Is this going to explode with ‘repeated hits’ like this?” In particular, the fact that the general manager demanded back money while negotiating with the player was shocking in itself. “Why did a person who made a lot of money do that?” I think.

There was a slightly similar episode in the drama ‘Stove League’. There is a scene where the head of the scout team says, ‘I will name you, so please give me money’ ahead of the rookie draft. The player paid, but was not named to the team. Another team pulled out. And he became the Rookie of the Year on that team. 스포츠토토

As time passed, the player made a ‘declaration of conscience’ in the process of investigating the misconduct of the scout team leader. The head of the club said, “We, who did not know that we exchanged money, made a mistake, and the player who gave the money made a mistake, and the person who received the money did the most wrong.”

“The cow is lost. But now the barn needs to be fixed. I lost a cow once, so why not fix it? If we don’t fix it, we will never raise cows again.”

It is in the same context. Whether true or not, things have already happened. The player reported after careful consideration, and the club decided to dismiss the general manager.

Everyone has to come together and think about ‘how can I show good performance and get good grades’, but things keep happening in distant places.

Looking at the entire KBO league, unfamiliar or never experienced incidents and accidents are occurring one after another. It seems that not one cow has been lost, but many. That’s also in a situation where the opening is right around the corner.

Apologize what you need to apologize for, and bow your head when you bow your head. The real thing is ‘relapse prevention’. It’s time for the entire league to awaken and rebuild the sturdy barn.

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