The right time for Lotte Winnow, I dared to open my wallet… Is it time to fill the bag of prospects?

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The dream-like 9-game winning streak is over. It is also barely holding onto the number one spot. Nevertheless, the Lotte Giants confirmed that their team is sufficiently competitive and has potential this year. I set the goal of ‘Win Now’ and unpacked the bundle of money. Then, will it be able to move actively in the upcoming trade market?

Lotte suffered a 2-10 defeat against KIA in Gwangju on the 3rd. Lotte ended a dream-like 9-game winning streak. Nevertheless, it is still ranked higher than LG and SSG. The ride disappeared, but it maintained first place ahead of the odds.

Lotte’s spring was as hot this year as it was last year. Last year, if the feeling of driving energy was strong while winning successive victories with a sense of squeezing, this year’s victory was achieved with proper pitching coordination and bold operation of the bench. Basically, it is true that the middle and second half of the season are expected more than the beginning because a large number of players with classes have joined.

In the free agency market in the offseason, Yoo Kang-nam (4 years, 8 billion won), Roh Jin-hyeok (4 years, 5 billion won), and Han Hyun-hee (3+1 years, up to 4 billion won) were recruited. He opened his wallet hotly and filled the limit of recruiting 3 free agents. He made a bold move by pouring 17 billion won into the FA market. Including the 5-year, 9 billion won non-FA multi-year contract with Park Se-woong, he clearly set the goal of “Win ​​Now” while investing 26 billion won.

If we were to evaluate whether the individual performance they are showing is paying the ransom, we can say that it is not. However, the fact that the team was lacking in catcher, shortstop, and 5th starting position was of great help to Lotte, and it contributed a lot to the process of winning 9 consecutive games.

The problem is that unexpected power leaks can occur as the season goes on, and there is a need to definitely reinforce power and depth. If you think early this year will be a performance season, you’re more likely to weigh your trade cards.

In particular, as Lotte recruited a large number of free agents and released players this year, the depth of the team has become relatively rich unlike before. In addition, as they have recently stayed in the lower ranks and collected a large number of top-ranked prospects, other clubs are packed with prospects that will make their mouths drool.

Of course, there are players that the club itself classifies as ‘not for sale’. In the case of catcher Son Seong-bin (1st nomination in 2021), who will be discharged from Commerce in June of this year, and Na Seung-yeop (2nd 2nd round in 2021), who will also be discharged from Commerce in November this year, it is possible to power up immediately. These are future resources that Lotte cherishes and regards as the core of its future power. Outfielder Jo Se-jin (2nd round 2022), who will soon join Sangmu, is also a player the club is paying attention to.

1st class resources in their mid to late 20s can also be used as a relative trade card. If Lotte is clearly greedy for performance, they must be willing to boldly unpack the bundle of promising players in order to acquire resources that can scratch the team’s itch.

The current batting average of trades carried out under the current general manager Seong Min-gyu system is not very high. However, there were not many trades that could be considered trades for the current power. In 2019, catcher Ji Ji-wan and infielder Kim Joo-hyun were acquired, while pitcher Jang Si-hwan and catcher Kim Hyun-woo were given to Hanwha. In 2020, instead of receiving Choi Lee-jun and draft nomination rights (2nd 3rd round in 2021), KT sent infielder Shin Bon-gi and pitcher Park Si-young to KT.

In 2021, while acquiring pitcher Lee Kang-jun, KT gave catcher Kim Jun-tae and infielder Oh Yoon-seok. And he received left-hander Kang Ri-ho and handed over the rookie nomination (2nd 4th round in 2022). And ahead of the 2022 season, infielder Lee Hak-joo was brought in and pitcher Ha-neul Choi was given the rookie nomination (3rd round in 2023). Except for Lee Hak-joo, there were few players with immediate power. It was a trade that had to look into the distant future right away. It was a series of trades that were difficult to make easily.

However, if Lotte conducts a trade this year, there is a high possibility that a trade with a different theme than before, that is, a trade that transfuses immediate power will occur. Of course, there are prerequisites. You must be willing to give away the prospect package. In addition, when the trade card is matched, Lotte must be in a position to challenge the presidential championship, including fall baseball 온라인카지노.

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