The two veterans who were discouraged by everyone but looked to their mentors…Kim Min-wook and Ham Jun-hoo’s new hopefuls

Sono International, the company that bought professional basketball’s Goyang Day One, announced that it would retain head coach Kim Seung-ki and the entire coaching staff.

Two veteran players in their mid-30s who had signed with a team that was on the verge of disbanding with only Kim as their coach now have new hope.

Reporter Heo Jae-won caught up with them.

Wearing a tracksuit that doesn’t even have the club’s logo on it, Kim Min-wook is sweating bullets.

Despite his height, Kim Min-wook, who boasts an accurate outside shot, trusted only his coach, Kim Seung-ki, who utilized his strengths to the best of his ability.

That’s why he signed a free agent contract with Day One, a team that was on the verge of disbanding, over other big teams that offered similar sums.

[Kim Min-wook / Former Day One center: I didn’t think much about anything else because I wanted to play basketball with coach Kim Seung-ki once again].

Ham Jun-hoo’s hopes for the end of his active career were the same as Kim Min-wook’s.

He just wanted to show his daughter, who was in elementary school, the image of a dad making great plays.

[Ham Jun-hoo / Former Day One forward: I decided to play because I’m older and I want to show my daughter how I look on the court].

Their wish became a reality when Sono International officially announced that Kim Seung-ki would be accompanying them.

[Ham Jun-hoo / Former Day One forward: I decided to come to this team because Coach Kim Seung-ki is there….]

[Kim Min-wook / former Day One center: I hope that the sweat I put in during the summer off-season will pay off during the season].

Lee Ji-wan, the new head coach of SONO International Basketball Team, held a meeting with the players and promised to provide support for them to focus on basketball 토토 가입머니.

[Lee Ji-wan / Senior Vice President of Sports Business at SONO: We will give you as much convenience as possible and do whatever you want, and we will actively support you, so don’t worry].

Kim Min-wook and Ham Jun-hoo were willing to put their basketball lives on the line, even though everyone discouraged them from making such a risky choice, looking only to their mentors who believed in them.

The final fight between the two veterans is leaving a lasting impression on the professional basketball court.

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