‘TOP 1 Henderson’ Baltimore, selected as the best farm ‘bright future’

The future is bright for the Baltimore Orioles, despite failing to advance to the postseason for the last six seasons in a row and finishing fourth in the American League East Division last year. Baltimore is the team with the best farm.

Baseball America announced the 2023 preseason farm rankings on the 3rd (Korean time). Baltimore, who ranked first in the midseason last year, took first place.

It’s the first time since 1984, when Baseball America first published the farm rankings, that Baltimore ranked #1 in the preseason farm rankings. Last year, Baltimore was ranked fourth.

Baltimore’s future looks bright. Baltimore included six of them on the Baseball America Top 100 Prospects list. Two in the TOP 10.

The top spot went to Gunner Henderson (22), an infielder who entered the major leagues last year. Henderson is expected to lead the future of Adley Luchman (25) and Baltimore.

In second place, the Arizona Diamondbacks, who included four players in the TOP 100, rose. Arizona, too, is not doing well right now, but it has a bright future. mma 토토

The Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Guardians, and New York Mets, who advanced to the postseason last year, continued to occupy 3rd to 5th places. They can be seen as having both a present and a future.

Also, the Tampa Bay Rays, Washington Nationals, Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals, and Boston Red Sox were ranked 6th to 10th.

On the other hand, the Atlanta Braves, who won the World Series in 2021, stayed at the bottom. This is because Atlanta has raised all the prospects of the farm system.

Atlanta has built up a significant force with a number of long-term contracts, but it could struggle in the distant future. From now on, we have to start rebuilding the farm system.

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