‘Tottenham is really in trouble!’ Conte, Kane, and even Kulusevski… If you don’t finish 4th in the league, everyone leaves.

Following Antonio Conte and Harry Kane, even Dejan Kulusevski could leave Tottenham.

According to Italian media Calcio Mercarto, if Tottenham do not finish in the top 4 of the league, Kulusevski may be forced to leave Tottenham.


Kulusevski has been on loan at Juventus until this season. Tottenham must remain in the Champions League after the season for the full £30 million transfer clause to be triggered. In other words, if Tottenham does not finish 4th in the league, this clause will not be triggered.

If even Kulusevski leaves, Tottenham’s future is bleak.

Tottenham currently sit fourth in the league, but are two points ahead of fifth-placed Newcastle. However, Newcastle played two fewer games than Tottenham.

Also, the rising trend of 6th place Liverpool cannot be ignored.

This is why Tottenham’s 4th place Mercury, which has a turbulent atmosphere, is not easy.

Meanwhile, Tottenham have 10 games left.

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