Tottenham striker ‘confirmed innocent’… Actual score against expected score ‘EPL 3rd’

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Tottenham Hotspur attackers are ‘innocent’.

It’s already the end of the season. 20 clubs in the English Premier League (EPL) are fighting for their positions. Manchester City and Arsenal are competing for the championship, while Newcastle United, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham and Brighton are competing for the TOP4.

An interesting record was brought to light. England’s ‘The Athletic’ evaluated the offense based on the ‘Expected Score (xG)’ records recorded by EPL clubs so far on the 12th (Korean time). Penalty kick (PK) goals are of course excluded, and goals scored in field play are the target.

Number one is Arsenal. The xG value is 66.1 points, and the actual score is 80 points. The difference between the two was the highest at 13.9 points. 2nd is Manchester City. The xG value was 66.9 points, higher than Arsenal, but the actual score was the same at 80 points. The difference between the two values ​​is 13.1 points, which is slightly behind.

메이저사이트 Third place is Tottenham. The xG value is 48.5 points, which is not relatively high. It is lower than Liverpool (xG 63.6 points), Brighton (xG 62.1 points), Newcastle (xG 60.4 points), and Manchester United (xG 54.5 points). However, the actual score is 60 points. The difference between the two values ​​was 11.5 points, which was high. It can be interpreted as meaning that the decision to connect to a score was high even in a situation where the expected score was low.

However, Tottenham has fallen to 6th place in the league. This is because of the uneasy defense that has continued throughout the season. Currently, Tottenham have conceded 57 points in 35 league games. The only clubs with more goals than Tottenham are Leeds United (69), Bournemouth (67), Nottingham Forest (65), Leicester City and Southampton (64), all in the relegation zone.

Meanwhile, the evaluation of attack power is behind Tottenham, Fulham (xG 36.6 points, actual score 46 points, +9.4), Liverpool (xG 63.6 points, actual score 65 points, +1.4), Leicester City (xG 44.7 points, actual score 46 points, +1.3) and Crystal Palace (xG 33 points, actual score 34 points, +1) were highly rated.

In reverse order, Chelsea (41.1 xG, 31 actual goals, -10.1), Everton (38.6 xG, 29 actual goals, -9.6), West Ham United (40.7 xG, 32 actual goals, -8.7), Manchester United (xG 54.5 points, actual score 47 points, -7.5) and Wolverhampton (xG 32.6 points, actual score 27 points, -11) accounted for.

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