‘Traore Big Fan’ Sihoo Hong, “A nickname you want to be called? Wolmido Hongdama is fine too”

A newcomer full of ambition, a super rookie, a boy who loved Adama Traore, and a man who wants to succeed at Incheon United are all sentences that modify Hong Si-hoo.

Hong Si-hoo is a supernova that emerged like a comet in Seongnam FC in the 2020 season. He was born in 2001 and immediately attracted attention with his reckless appearance. He was praised for activating the rather monotonous Seongnam FC attack. 온라인카지노 The public also paid attention, such as the video that only collected the movements of Hong Si-hu hit the K-League official YouTube hit jackpot. He made steady appearances and gained experience, but goals rarely came out.

As time went on, the performance deteriorated. When he did not perform as well as expected, his confidence plummeted after Hongshi was visible. Then, he scored 1 goal and 1 assist in the final game of the season, becoming the number one contributor to staying in Seongnam. The following season, he played more, with zero offensive points. He still had the aggressive movements he had shown before, but the lack of accuracy caught him off guard.

This winter, Hong Si-hoo was traded with Koo Bon-cheol and headed to Incheon United. After leaving Seongnam abruptly, fans expressed regret. Hong Si-hoo seemed to need a new environment to take a step forward. In a phone interview with ‘Inter Football’, Hong Si-hoo told various stories, including his life and goals in Incheon, his new team.

The mention of Adama Traore drew attention. Traore is a muscular winger with great speed. He played a big role in Wolverhampton and made his name known to domestic fans. He currently plays for Barcelona. Hong Si-hoo expressed his admiration for Traore as an exceptional role model.

Q. You made a new nest in Incheon. how are you living

“I’m doing well while living on my own. I usually wanted to try living on my own, but I didn’t know how to do it this fast. is doing so well.”

Q. There were a lot of injuries last season. What is your current physical condition?

“Last season, when one injury healed, it was so serious that another injury occurred. As such a situation came, my condition did not improve. I improved my physical condition a lot through winter training. I can say that it’s better than last season.”

Q. To review the 2020 season, it was really sensational. Is there a reason you were particularly good at that time?

“In a good sense, ‘ignorance’ worked. Since I was a rookie, I didn’t know anything, so I bumped into him and rushed forward without fear. I was really motivated.

Q. As the season progressed, I noticed a deterioration in condition. There is also an opinion that the reason is that he often came and went to the national team. What do you think?

“The national team is never a problem. The national team is a place I always want to go to. To be honest, at the time, I didn’t get my mind right. I should’

“(Was it arbitrary?) Yes. I tried to do it alone. Every player has a timing and I had to learn gradually, but I was too impatient. As it continued to fail, my confidence fell. It was a vicious cycle.”

Q. Is there a reason you chose Incheon as your new team?

“When I think of Incheon, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘a team full of fighting spirit’. I feel a bit hungry. That’s why I chose Incheon. There was also a love call from Incheon. I wanted to take on a new challenge in Incheon. I met the staff, and they said, ‘Thank you for coming to greet me.

Q. You are still young, but you are in your 3rd year as a pro. But in Incheon, it is still the youngest line. It seems that there are some difficult parts.

“There is nothing embarrassing or awkward about being a 3rd year professional. I just think it is a good weapon. Being born in 2001 and debuting as a professional 3 years ago is also appealing. They all became friends.”

Q. There are so many older brothers in Incheon. It might be a bit difficult.

“I was worried because there were a lot of veteran hyungs. But it was nice that they were kinder than I thought and treated me so well that they treated me more comfortably than I was worried about. It’s hard to stand, so I try to copy as much as possible while watching.” 온라인카지노

Q. You will train a lot with attackers such as Mugosa and Lee Yong-jae, but they are all good players. What if you choose your own competitiveness?

“Recently, I trained with Mugosa, and he scored goals very easily. He scored easily and effortlessly. Besides, his accuracy was high. If I had to pick one, it would be passion. A more steady and stronger passion shows that well, if it is competitiveness, it is competitiveness. The speed is fast and it seldom falls behind in competitive situations.”

Q. I am curious about what coach Cho Sung-hwan orders and advises on.

“It’s good to look good right now, but he emphasized that it’s important to learn more. He added that it was helpful to me and would be a strength for the team. He said that this was the reason he wanted me. So, I try to learn even more . I am trying to emit as much as possible with more passion. The goal is to constantly burden the other person in various omnidirectional ways without stopping.”

Q. The Hangzhou Asian Games will be held this summer. As much as you’ve joined once, aren’t you naturally greedy?

“I went to practice once and there were so many good players in each team. The quality was different. It is true that I am greedy and jealous. First of all, it is important to do well in Incheon. The national team is a really difficult position. I have to go. I will try.”

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